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Extract from Crowbait by David Rae

It’s day three of the David Rae takeover, and I’m so excited to reveal this exclusive sneak peak of Crowbait, the third book in The Sun Thief Trilogy! In the Garden of Jackals When you arrived I was waiting for you. How angry you were, there in the garden of Jackals. You were surprised to… Continue reading Extract from Crowbait by David Rae

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Launch Day: Crowtower by David Rae

It has arrived! Released today from Brain Lag, Crowtower is the absorbing and mind bending sequel to Crowman. About the book All things must die. If death will come regardless, then we do not need to fear it or to run from it. We can live instead. The priests of Vatu are locked in an… Continue reading Launch Day: Crowtower by David Rae

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Interview with David Rae

It’s a blog takeover! I’m so excited for all things David Rae this week, as tomorrow sees the release of Crowtower, the stunning second book in The Sun Thief fantasy trilogy. I have never read books like Crowman and Crowtower before. Beautiful, layered, unique, lyrical. They defy definition and need to be experienced to be… Continue reading Interview with David Rae

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Book Launch: The Martian Diaries Volumes 1 & 2 by H E Wilburson

Released today, the ebook versions of the first two volumes in the gripping sequel to The War of the Worlds, The Martian Diaries. I enjoyed listening to The Day of the Martians and The Lake on the Moon last year. The narration, music and special effects were all excellent. However, I much prefer to read… Continue reading Book Launch: The Martian Diaries Volumes 1 & 2 by H E Wilburson

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Book Reviews: Reader Magnet Edition

I joined 28 other authors in a free book promotion on Bookfunnel this month. As I’m a reader too, I downloaded the 31 books on offer. Because so many of them are short stories or novellas, I thought I’d bunch my reviews together into a couple of posts over the month. Click here if you’d… Continue reading Book Reviews: Reader Magnet Edition