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Fairest to Fall by Ash Leigh

The final book in the Valiant series sees our brave heroines arrive at the palace and confront the evil king and queen. With Elaine held captive in the palace dungeons, the others must work together, using their unique gifts, in order to defeat the wicked monarchy and rescue their friends. I love this series. Reading… Continue reading Fairest to Fall by Ash Leigh

book review, horror

Hag by John Shupeck

17 year old Ray is still grieving the loss of his mother three years previously, drowning his emotions in beer, and plagued by sleep paralysis and nightmares. When the woman of his dreams offers him release, will Ray follow the Hag into darkness or fight to retain his sanity? This novella gives a great psychological… Continue reading Hag by John Shupeck

book review, Jason Sanford, science fiction

Blood Grains Speak Through Memory by Jason Sanford

After reading Plague Birds by Jason Sanford this time last year, I bought all his novellas and story collections available on Amazon. However, this weekend when I decided to read the Nebula finalist novella, Blood Grains Speak Through Memories, I had no idea that it was the first quarter of a mosaic novel whose final… Continue reading Blood Grains Speak Through Memory by Jason Sanford

book review, fantasy, Mermaid

Mermaids and Mayhem by Erin Hayes

18 year old Tara recently joined Neptune‚Äôs aquarium as a mermaid performer, and is now touring the aquariums of the United States. While performing in Houston, she is surprised to discover she can communicate with a newly captured dolphin calf. Returning to his enclosure one evening, she encounters a very merman-like figure trying to rescue… Continue reading Mermaids and Mayhem by Erin Hayes

book review, fantasy, O R Lea

The Silken Key by Oliver Lea

A hobbit sets out on an epic quest to find the silken key and transcend to a power greater than any other. Sworn to protect her is Detlef, who dreamed of becoming a priest. With them is a half elfin alchemist, Maddy, a gnome bard turned sea captain, Rudiger, and a warrior, Tariq, who wants… Continue reading The Silken Key by Oliver Lea