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Guest Post by Lindsay J Sedgwick

‘For forty odd years in this noble profession I’ve harboured a guilt and my conscience is smitten So here is my slightly embarrassed confession I don’t like to write but I love to have written.’ – Michael Kanin While I can absolutely empathise – there is something so satisfying to finish a piece of writing,… Continue reading Guest Post by Lindsay J Sedgwick

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Fear Farm No Trespassers by S J Krandall

A series of connected short stories, starting with a woman on a train who is obsessed with missing person cases, followed by the possible true stories of what happened to the missing people. This is a wonderful idea for a book. Inspired by the author’s family farm, and peppered with photographs of the real location,… Continue reading Fear Farm No Trespassers by S J Krandall

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New Release: At the Edges by S A Asthana

An entertaining collection of thirteen speculative fiction short stories. Some are thoughtful, some funny, and others are spooky, but each is satisfying on either an emotional or intellectual level. Asthana shows great range, both in the variety of countries and cultures present in the stories and in the themes present in the tales. It is… Continue reading New Release: At the Edges by S A Asthana

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First Line Friday

No Place Like Home Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.  Dylan returns home for the funeral of his mother. After decades away, the fears that drove him to flee seem like childish nightmares. Dylan is about to find out whether it’s true what they say. You can never go… Continue reading First Line Friday

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September in Review

Blog Takeover It was great having Johann Thorsson drop by to celebrate the release of his debut paranormal thriller, Whitesands. Click here to read his guest post. Click here to read my review. Click here to read my interview with Johann. Buy Whitesands now Book Reviews Jurassic Florida Ghost GirlPlanet Scumm When the Cicadas Stop… Continue reading September in Review