One question authors get asked a lot is “Where do you get your ideas from?” This is always a difficult question to answer. It’s not like there is an idea shop where you can buy an idea for a bestselling book (not that I know about, anyway). Where do ideas come from? When I was… Continue reading

If you have read any of this site, or any of my work, you will know that I write speculative fiction. What do I mean by speculative fiction? Stories that feature horror, fantasy, science fiction and any combination of all three to ask and answer the big What If? I love asking questions and seeking… Continue reading

Do you have a favourite author? Have you ever thought about meeting with, or speaking to them, and discussing their books? Perhaps you’d like to ask them for more detail on a character, or find out what inspired a scene, or share your opinion of the ending? When I was a teenager, my mother published… Continue reading

Stupefying Stories recently had an op-ed blog post by Eric Dontigney, titled 'It's time to retire writer's block', in which he stated that writer's block doesn't exist. 'How would you react if someone said they couldn’t work because they had “doctor’s block,” or “engineer’s block,” or “lawyer’s block?” You’d roll your eyes at them,' he… Continue reading