Rattus Rattus by Mitch Sebourn

When Casey Waters and her dad, James, move to the Rocky Mountains to renovate an old house over the summer, she has more than the plague to worry about. After her parent’s divorce, teenage Casey stayed with her professor dad. Unfortunately, due to alcohol and other poor choices, James is now an odd job man… Continue reading Rattus Rattus by Mitch Sebourn

Birdbox by Josh Malerman

Now a major motion picture starring Sandra Bullock, this is the debut novel that started it all. Malorie, a young college student, finds herself pregnant at the end of the world. Following an advert in the local paper, she joins a group of young, attractive men and women who try to hide from the invisible… Continue reading Birdbox by Josh Malerman

Dead Meat: Day 1 by Nick Clausen

Today sees the English language release of Danish horror writer, Nick Clausen's, 2017 apocalyptic zombie tale, Dead Meat: Day 1. Three teenagers on a routine newspaper delivery route encounter more than they bargained for when they stop at an old woman's isolated home in the woods. Circumstances conspire against them in entertaining, if bloody, ways,… Continue reading Dead Meat: Day 1 by Nick Clausen

These Walls Don’t Talk, They Scream by Kevin Holton

When Charlotte was a child, she witnessed a tragedy. Twenty five years later, she’s returned to her family home, and the house is happy to welcome her back. Charlotte, her husband, Elijah, and their young daughter, Helena, move into the very house where Charlotte witnessed the death of her mother years before. They are a… Continue reading These Walls Don’t Talk, They Scream by Kevin Holton

Chiaroscuro by Matthew S Cox

When a priest is sent by the Vatican to investigate a possible case of vampirism in rural France, he finds a little girl in chains. Can something evil also be innocent? The book starts with Fr Antonio Molinari investigating a case of possible demonic possession. He works for the Order of St Michael; tasked to… Continue reading Chiaroscuro by Matthew S Cox