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Snake by Rami Ungar

After his girlfriend is kidnapped, a disturbed teenager goes on a brutal killing spree in order to get her back. This is a monster of a book, which is perhaps appropriate given it’s subject matter. At 577 pages, it’s a considerable time commitment to read about unlikable characters doing despicable things. Thankfully, for most of… Continue reading Snake by Rami Ungar

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Blackberry Book Tour: Amethyst Pledge by Leonie Rogers

About the book When Kazari answers the Lady’s call to serve, she never expects to take the amethyst of the Hunter, one of the select few who defend Albatar from the gorgones – demons brought from Beyond by the Second King. After all, at fifteen, she’s short and stocky, and not made of the stuff… Continue reading Blackberry Book Tour: Amethyst Pledge by Leonie Rogers

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Blindspots by Rhonda Parrish

In a world of almost exclusively dogs, veteran pilot Ricky is trying to find his place in postwar life. When his brother, Jasper, goes missing, Ricky recruits the old gang for one last mission. The war might be over, but is the world really at peace? Blindspots has the air of a 1940s post WWII… Continue reading Blindspots by Rhonda Parrish

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Top Tip for Editing your Writing

There really is no better way to test your writing than to read it out loud. Repeated and missing words become obvious, clunky phrasing stands out like a sore thumb, and over reliance on either narration or dialogue is quickly identified. Whether you read your work out loud after every edit, or only as a… Continue reading Top Tip for Editing your Writing

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Planet Scumm Issue #13: Something Up Ahead

Planet Scumm is such a nicely produced magazine. The print issue comes in a lovely compact, pocket sized soft bound edition with a full colour cover, and both the print and ebook contain Maura Mcgonagle’s beautiful illustrations, which add a lot to the stories. This issue is packed full of delightfully dark speculative horror fiction.… Continue reading Planet Scumm Issue #13: Something Up Ahead