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Golem by P D Alleva

In Long Island, bored socialite Annette grows stronger in her hatred of humanity, while in New York newly minted police detective John Ashton is tasked with searching for the new D.A’s missing daughter. The case leads him to a mental hospital, and Alena, where he hears a dark tale that’s too disturbing to be true.… Continue reading Golem by P D Alleva

book review, horror, short story

Short Story Review: 3 Story Edition

Trick or Treat by Jamie Stewart After a child goes missing on Halloween, his former home gains the reputation of the neighborhood’s haunted house. There’s a nice atmosphere to this horror tale of revenge and murder. I liked the different point of views of the two neighbors that provided different perspectives to the narrative. There’s… Continue reading Short Story Review: 3 Story Edition

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Soaking in Strange Hours by Erik Hofstatter

Strange Noir is an apt description for this intriguing, lyrical story nugget. Tristan Grieves, a man whose alcoholism seems his best quality, meets a desperate woman who asks for his help. However, following the time honored tradition of noir, not all is as it seems. Hofstatter’s writing is crammed full of imagery. When it works,… Continue reading Soaking in Strange Hours by Erik Hofstatter

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Gossip and Gorgons by Tilly Wallace

In the third installment of the Manners and Monsters series, Hannah travels to a house party. However, it’s not all fun and games as one of the guests turns to stone. Forced to investigate, Hannah and Wycliff grow closer as they unearth some sordid secrets from their fellow guests. Wallace is so at home writing… Continue reading Gossip and Gorgons by Tilly Wallace