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Author Interview Tracie Provost

Tracie Provost is a joy to interview. Warm, charming and full of interesting stories about horror and history, I could have talked with her all day. This is a woman who has managed to bring her love of horror into her work as an historian; teaching classes on dark folklore and publishing papers about witches,… Continue reading Author Interview Tracie Provost

author, horror, women in horror

Author Interview Catherine McCarthy

Catherine McCarthy lives in a two hundred year old house in West Wales with a disused farm track that leads down to woodlands, and if that doesn’t provide the perfect setting for a horror and fantasy writer, I don’t know what does. Talking to Catherine, who is warm and bright with a melodious Welsh accent,… Continue reading Author Interview Catherine McCarthy

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Author Interview: Stella Night

Stella Night has a smooth Texan accent and a twinkle in her eye, and it makes sense that this warm, welcoming woman is an author of romance novels that end with a happy ever after for her characters. However, those characters usually include a shapeshifter, be it wolf, lion or bear, so it is evident… Continue reading Author Interview: Stella Night