New Reader Magnets

All the cool writers give away lots of exclusive free content to their newsletter subscribers (I’m looking at you, Dan Soule, Nick Clausen and Duncan Ralston). I want to be as awesome as they are. I sent out the call to my loyal fans and slowly the reply trickled back through carrier pidgeon and danced… Continue reading New Reader Magnets

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Cover Reveal

You’ve heard him help a selkie... You’ve read about him helping a ghost... Now you’ll go back to the very beginning... It’s Dead Jimmy Time! Cory didn’t expect to get two earth shattering personal phone calls in one day. The first, from the police, telling him that the uncle who raised him had been murdered.… Continue reading Cover Reveal


Let me introduce you…

I’m working hard on the first book in a shared universe fantasy series and, while The Moon’s Gift won’t be scheduled for publication until next year, I thought I’d introduce you to some elements from the world. The Mark of Rilean This is a symbol that holds deep significance within the series and will appear… Continue reading Let me introduce you…


Original Fiction: I Do Declare by Iseult Murphy

When Robert opened the child’s pink suitcase to check what looked like a skeleton concealed inside on the x-ray, the last thing he expected to jump out was a unicorn. Round, fluffy and fat, with a tiny golden horn in the centre of its forehead, it glared at him with unveiled animosity. The child glanced… Continue reading Original Fiction: I Do Declare by Iseult Murphy

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IsArt Embroidery Giveaway

I embroidered one picture as a child, and I enjoyed it, but I didn’t pick up the needle and thread again... Until this year. In the last few months I’ve filled my evenings embroidering pictures, badges and random pieces of fabric. If you stand still long enough, most likely I’ll embroider something on your clothes.… Continue reading IsArt Embroidery Giveaway