May Madness 4: What a Difference a Year Makes

May has arrived, and with it the anniversary month of my blog! In every book series or movie franchise there is bound to be at least one dud, and May Madness 4 could be subtitled The Bad One. Blog views, visitors, likes and comments are all down over the last twelve months compared to May… Continue reading May Madness 4: What a Difference a Year Makes

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Fiction: Because the Night

Kathy had forgotten it was the night of the full moon until a collar of white fur, like an ermine scarf, sprouted from her soft skin. She thought it looked stylish, highlighting the length of her neck rising above, and the angularity of her collarbones peeking below. She slipped into a shapeless shift dress, coiled… Continue reading Fiction: Because the Night

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And the winner is…

Still reeling from her experience with the dragon bat last week, Iseult decided to send Tigger out to the garden to collect the embroidery contest winner’s name from the rafflecopter. She stood at the door watching while the little dog bounced like an enthusiastic shadow across the paving, bounded onto the grass and gathered his… Continue reading And the winner is…