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Because the Night by Iseult Murphy

This story is dedicated to my friend, David Rae. His writing inspires me, and he is very supportive of my work. Click on his name to visit his blog, where he has many stories free to read. Kathy had forgotten it was the night of the full moon until a collar of white fur, like… Continue reading Because the Night by Iseult Murphy

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The Woods Today by Iseult Murphy

I had hoped to submit to Blood Bound Books anthology, Burnt Fur, but like many things, I didn’t make it. Joseph Sale encouraged me to write a story on the anthology theme anyway (he has a great story about ducks in the book). Therefore, I present to you my story for this week - The… Continue reading The Woods Today by Iseult Murphy

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Buddy Read with Joe @The Dumbest Blog Ever

The Odyssey is a fascinating book (Homer must be raking in the royalties after all these years), and I couldn’t think of a better person to read it with than Joe. If you don’t know Joe, you should check out his blog The Dumbest Blog Ever. Don’t be fooled by its title, it is totally… Continue reading Buddy Read with Joe @The Dumbest Blog Ever

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The Odyssey by Homer

The second oldest surviving work of fiction, The Odyssey is an enduring classic. A sequel to The Iliad, which concerned the Trojan War, The Odyssey catches up with most of the major players from the first book to detail their fates, while ostensibly being about Odysseus’ efforts to return home, and his son, Telemachus’, efforts… Continue reading The Odyssey by Homer

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My Life as a Potato by Arianne Costner

Don’t be fooled by the title! Ben Hardy is a potato hating boy forced to take over as the school mascot - a potato! Let the hilarity commence. Ben has recently moved from sunny California to potato loving Idaho. There are good things about the move. His parents got him a puppy, he’s made good… Continue reading My Life as a Potato by Arianne Costner