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A Confession by William F Aicher

A life laid bare. A captive audience. It’s confession time. A man reveals details of his life to another, but can he be trusted? This is a very ambitious novel. Writing in second person is always difficult, and the problem of keeping the reader engaged is magnified with a book written completely in second person… Continue reading A Confession by William F Aicher

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They’re Coming To Get You by Iseult Murphy

Nina saw the overturned boat first, caught up in the weeds near the side of the lake, and then the dozen dead bodies sprawled naked on the shore. Dad had brought her to the park to feed the ducks, but he’d forgotten the bread, and now he sat on the bench glued to his phone.… Continue reading They’re Coming To Get You by Iseult Murphy

book review, fiction

Juniper by Ross Jeffery

A book billed as surreal, terrifying and darkly humorous, but which unfortunately didn’t hit me on any of those levels. Juniper is set in a forgotten dust bowl of a town in the US, which recently experienced a flood and is now in the midst of a drought. The action centers on two women. Betty,… Continue reading Juniper by Ross Jeffery

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Read This You Must!

If you are not already following Weave A Web blog, you really should start. It is full of interesting things, and a wonderful story is posted every day. Today’s post is extra special. Little did I know, that in the second half of 2020, I was being watched keenly and closely by an intelligence greater… Continue reading Read This You Must!