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Read This You Must!

If you are not already following Weave A Web blog, you really should start. It is full of interesting things, and a wonderful story is posted every day. Today’s post is extra special. Little did I know, that in the second half of 2020, I was being watched keenly and closely by an intelligence greater… Continue reading Read This You Must!

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Best book of the half year goes to…

I’ve seen a lot of these posts floating around recently, and since I’ve just finished reading my 100th book this year, and it’s a little over half way through 2020, I thought I’d join in. I’ve read twelve 5 Dog books so far this year. Listing them in order of completion; 1. Dead Meat: Day… Continue reading Best book of the half year goes to…

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June in Review

June has been a months of highs and lows. I released 7 Weeks in Hell, which got to #6 on horror comedy bestseller list. Littlest pup passed away this month. Book Launch Nestled between counties Limerick and Cork in Southern Ireland, something evil lurks in the place of High Death. When Vicky’s boss offers… Continue reading June in Review

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Will Shakespeare Die? By Gordon James

There is more things in heaven and earth, dear reader, than are dreamt of in a play writes imagination. It seems simple enough. Kit’s writing a play about Shakespeare’s life, Roz is directing it, Thom is starring. Back in Tudor times, the bard wonders about his legacy carrying on into the future. But nothing is… Continue reading Will Shakespeare Die? By Gordon James

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Random man By Layden Robinson

I’m not sure what kind of wine inspired the stories in this collection, which manage to hit on some truths while staying true to their random nature. First up is Freddy Fudtucker, a brief description of the life of a dude who held up two fingers to everything. Who doesn’t love a story that features… Continue reading Random man By Layden Robinson