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Psycho Gets Her Man by Camille Picott

The second outing for stoner chums, Santa Claus and Rudolph, sees them journey to Ancient Greece. After unleashing the zombie apocalypse, Nick and Rudy seek to escape being eaten by using a time machine to travel back to before the zombies arrived. Nick takes a fancy to the first young woman they meet, but it… Continue reading Psycho Gets Her Man by Camille Picott

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Short Fiction by Joel Spriggs

I love Joel Spriggs’s blend of humor and horror, and these three short stories were winners with me. A young man contemplates suicide after being stood up for a date, but can a mischievous spirit change his mind? Despite its dark theme, I found this short story uplifting. Spriggs handles the subject matter well, making… Continue reading Short Fiction by Joel Spriggs

book review, horror, humor, short story

31 Days of Horror: Twisted Grin by Evan Starkman

Funny, gross and imaginative, this is a strong collection of short stories from Evan Starkman. Un-supernatural starts the collection with a light tone. It is the story of Ben, whose kindness and non violent ways is threatening his vampirism. I had to turn off my over analytical mind to fully enjoy this story. The whys… Continue reading 31 Days of Horror: Twisted Grin by Evan Starkman

book review, horror, humor, short story

Waste Not by Rhonda Parrish

Zombie stories don’t get much better than this, with Rhonda Parrish’s three funny takes on the genre. Waste Not is the most familiar zombie story of the book, with a family trying to survive on their homestead. I loved the characters, and the ending was good, creepy fun. Feeders is a view of the zombie… Continue reading Waste Not by Rhonda Parrish

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December Book Reviews

For the month of December I took part in Megan Tennant’s Indiecember Reading Challenge. It was great fun reading so many self published books, and finding new authors. I didn't get to read as many books this month as I wanted to, but it means I have more to look forward to in January. Click… Continue reading December Book Reviews