My Neck of the Woods by Bruce Goodman

Bruce Goodman’s first autobiography, Bits of a Boyhood, charts his early years growing up in rural New Zealand. Due to popular demand, he wrote a follow up, detailing his adventures over the last twenty one years. Blogged a chapter a day over 15 days, and now available as a free pdf download, My Neck of… Continue reading My Neck of the Woods by Bruce Goodman

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Deanna Durbin by William Harper

Lovingly written by a fan of the actress, Harper meticulously researched this short but informative book detailing Durbin’s movies and time in Hollywood. The rumor is my father’s favorite actress was Deanna Durbin. I never spoke to him about her, but he would have been a young man when her movies came out, and I… Continue reading Deanna Durbin by William Harper

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The Writing Life by Annie Dillard

A series of essays on writing, Dillard talks about internal and external creative spaces, the dichotomy of simultaneously wanting to write and do anything else in the world, and the general nature of creativity and art. Backed up with quotes from other writers, her writing is often metaphorical but always wondrously descriptive. A muse on… Continue reading The Writing Life by Annie Dillard

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Gene Kelly by Clive Hirschhorn

I’m a big fan of Gene Kelly, and movies such as Anchors Aweigh, It’s Always Fair Weather and, of course, Singing in the Rain, are films that I watch repeatedly. However, I know very little about the man behind the actor/singer/dancer/director/choreographer. It seems that no one does either, as he was a introvert who kept… Continue reading Gene Kelly by Clive Hirschhorn

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Miracle Girl by Sivosethu Ndubela & Tony Pearce

Told in a series of anecdotes, this true story describes life growing up in Port Elizabeth and Cookhouse, South Africa, as Sisovethu Ndubela (or Vovo, as she is called by friends and family) navigates tragedy and serious illness. The author is truly a miracle girl, and this short book is worth reading if only for… Continue reading Miracle Girl by Sivosethu Ndubela & Tony Pearce