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Book Review: Forgotten Lore by Blanket Fort Writers

Rhonda Parrish runs a wonderful virtual hangout for writers and readers on Discord, called The Blanket Fort, and last year she and six other writers put together this anthology of short stories based on the theme of Forgotten Lore. MLD Curelas starts the anthology on a strong note with Nickel-Plated Demon. Ex-cop turned pawnshop owner,… Continue reading Book Review: Forgotten Lore by Blanket Fort Writers

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Giftmas 2022

Every year Rhonda Parrish organizes Giftmas to raise money for the Edmonton Food Bank. For every dollar raised, the Edmonton Food Bank will turn it into three meals. Our goal this year is to raise $1000, which means 3000 meals. Please help us reach our goal. Donate to Edmonton Food Bank The theme this year… Continue reading Giftmas 2022

book review, fantasy, Rhonda Parrish

Blindspots by Rhonda Parrish

In a world of almost exclusively dogs, veteran pilot Ricky is trying to find his place in postwar life. When his brother, Jasper, goes missing, Ricky recruits the old gang for one last mission. The war might be over, but is the world really at peace? Blindspots has the air of a 1940s post WWII… Continue reading Blindspots by Rhonda Parrish