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The Quiet Game by Rami Ungar

These five tales to chill your bones mightn’t be quite as dark as the Master of Fear’s more recent work, but they’re highly entertaining and a great way to spend an hour. Addict opens the collection with an interesting second person point of view take on addiction. The focus is sex addiction, and a main… Continue reading The Quiet Game by Rami Ungar

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Planet Scumm Issue #13: Something Up Ahead

Planet Scumm is such a nicely produced magazine. The print issue comes in a lovely compact, pocket sized soft bound edition with a full colour cover, and both the print and ebook contain Maura Mcgonagle’s beautiful illustrations, which add a lot to the stories. This issue is packed full of delightfully dark speculative horror fiction.… Continue reading Planet Scumm Issue #13: Something Up Ahead

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Original Fiction: Dead Jimmy and the Wine Cellar

It came as no surprise that millionaire wine merchant, Oscar O’Brien, lived in a mansion with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Castletown Bay, but I had no idea what Uncle Jimmy and I were doing in his spotless kitchen on a sunny Wednesday morning. “I’ve been robbed.” O’Brien reminded me of a lumberjack, with his… Continue reading Original Fiction: Dead Jimmy and the Wine Cellar

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Original Fiction: Thief in the Night by Iseult Murphy

The whispers woke Mandrake, warning him that he was not alone. He opened his eyes a slit and peered out. By the light of the quarter moon, he saw a shadowy figure rifling through his backpack. He knew the stretch of road through the forested hills surrounding Marghbarg was home to a band of robbers… Continue reading Original Fiction: Thief in the Night by Iseult Murphy

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Mollusk Madness by Priscilla Bettis

This short story appeared in the spring edition of 34 Orchard magazine. Click here to download a free copy of the issue. Katrina is having a hard time watching her teenage daughter grow up. Luckily she has her garden and her beloved slugs to help her pull through. The thorny blossom of my womb. Katrina,… Continue reading Mollusk Madness by Priscilla Bettis