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Sometime After Midnight by River J Hopkins

This collection of 22 poems and stories was written between 2004 to 2017 during some of the author’s darkest times with depression. I believe the author is also a song writer, and there is a lovely rhythm to her poetry that would make a lot of her poems great lyrics. There are six short stories… Continue reading Sometime After Midnight by River J Hopkins

book review, horror, short story

Agoraphobia by Rami Ungar

A new horror short from the Master of Fear. Peyton hasn’t left his house in years. Now a hurricane is besieging his property, but is the ferocity of nature enough to drive him from his home? Ungar managed to pack a lot into this short story. I really emphasized with Peyton. I loved the reasons… Continue reading Agoraphobia by Rami Ungar

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Psycho Gets Her Man by Camille Picott

The second outing for stoner chums, Santa Claus and Rudolph, sees them journey to Ancient Greece. After unleashing the zombie apocalypse, Nick and Rudy seek to escape being eaten by using a time machine to travel back to before the zombies arrived. Nick takes a fancy to the first young woman they meet, but it… Continue reading Psycho Gets Her Man by Camille Picott

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Dominion Edited by Zelda Knight

Twelve speculative fiction short stories and one poem from Africa and the African diaspora. As with all anthologies, there were some stories that appealed to me more than others, but over all there were more hits than misses. I loved the mix of horror, fantasy and science fiction stories in the anthology. I particularly enjoyed… Continue reading Dominion Edited by Zelda Knight

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12 Days of Christmas: The Scavenger Hunt by K A Miltimore

A free gift from last Christmas, The Scavenger Hunt is another festive ghost story. Jackson reluctantly attends his sister’s Christmas party, but he finds more than he bargained for when he approaches a good looking guest. A fun short story that has a little chill in its heart warming. I liked the touches of the… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas: The Scavenger Hunt by K A Miltimore