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Review: Planet Scumm Issue #14

I love Planet Scumm. Each issue is better than the last. Issue #14 is titled Extinction Events, and contains 8 exceptional stories about life, death, and what comes after.  First up is Maxine Sophia Wolff’s dark fantasy tale, Come the Banshee. There’s transformation, body horror, and sea shanty’s in this powerful tale of omens and… Continue reading Review: Planet Scumm Issue #14

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Book Review: Forgotten Lore by Blanket Fort Writers

Rhonda Parrish runs a wonderful virtual hangout for writers and readers on Discord, called The Blanket Fort, and last year she and six other writers put together this anthology of short stories based on the theme of Forgotten Lore. MLD Curelas starts the anthology on a strong note with Nickel-Plated Demon. Ex-cop turned pawnshop owner,… Continue reading Book Review: Forgotten Lore by Blanket Fort Writers

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Cressida by Rami Ungar

Into The Deep is a horror anthology filled with 11 stories that explore the terrors that lurk beyond the watery horizon. Included in the anthology is Cressida, by Rami Ungar. Mark Honig is worried about his only living relative, Uncle Jacob, when he casually mentions talking to his daughter Cressida during a telephone conversation with… Continue reading Cressida by Rami Ungar

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Itchy When Wet

Melissa thought nothing of the rain when she let her labradoodle, Boris, out for his morning ablutions. It looked heavier than usual, slightly greasy with a strange shimmer, but rain was rain. “Looks like someone poured baby oil and glitter into the clouds,” Sam said. She stood at the sink, coffee mug in one hand,… Continue reading Itchy When Wet

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Advent Ghosts 2022

In the spirit of the Victorian tradition of telling spooky Christmas stories, Loren Eaton’s Advent Ghosts challenges participants to write a Christmas themed scary drabble (a story of 100 words).  Click here to check out Loren’s site, where he has links to all the participants stories. Now, without further ado, my story… No Time For… Continue reading Advent Ghosts 2022