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First Line Friday

Glimmer: An Anthology of Hope The authors that brought you Discovery bring you a new collection of stories centered around the idea of Hope - something we have all needed this troubled year. This new anthology brings together an international selection of short stories by writers from four continents (America, Europe, Africa, and Australia). The… Continue reading First Line Friday

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Planet Scumm Issue #11: Snake Eyes

I love when I get a review request. I’ve discovered some amazing books and authors this way, and it’s always a thrill to see a request arrive in my inbox. Life has some amazing coincidences. I recently heard about Planet Scumm, and was considering submitting to them, when I got a request to review their… Continue reading Planet Scumm Issue #11: Snake Eyes

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Book Launch: The Spooks by Dan Soule

Released today is horror author Dan Soule’s first foray into middle grade horror. This collection of 17 super short stories is sure to delight children with its mixture of fun, silly, gross and thoughtful horror. Aimed for the reluctant reader, each story is flash length and written simply, to encourage interest in the written word.… Continue reading Book Launch: The Spooks by Dan Soule

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Short Story Review: 4 by Yardley

I love Lou Yardley’s short fiction. It’s so imaginative, exciting, and contains a wonderful blend of horror and humor. As each of these stories only takes about 30 minutes to read, I thought I’d put my reviews together into one post. 12 year old Georgia thinks she’s too old to play make believe with her… Continue reading Short Story Review: 4 by Yardley

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Free Fiction: 4 Reviews

This short collection contains ten flash fiction tales centered around a creepy pasta like website called Aurora Wasteland. Ashby has a fun, conversational writing style that lends the authenticity these stories need to keep them interesting. There are good ideas behind these tales, some very creepy ones, but they are curtailed by the format. I… Continue reading Free Fiction: 4 Reviews