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Stranger Paths by R.J Zarkani

Raghad Jabbar Zarkani grew up in Iraq, survived a war and now lives in the U.S. These are her poems. Divided into three parts; Part I Contains poems of her life in Iraq during wartime, her childhood experiences of Saddam Hussein and the way people treat her as an immigrant. Part II has poems that… Continue reading Stranger Paths by R.J Zarkani


Indiecember Reading Challenge 2019

Thanks to Megan Tennant, the inventor of the Indiecember Reading Challenge, and for holding it again this year. This is my first time participating in the challenge. I only found out about it a few weeks ago. What is Indiecember? It’s a Bingo style game to support self published authors. Participants post reviews on Amazon… Continue reading Indiecember Reading Challenge 2019


Save Game by Joseph Sale

The author claims this book is his answer to Ernest Cline’s ‘Ready Player One’. I say it is the book ‘Ready Player One’ wishes it could have been. Levi lives in Birmingham in the UK. He wanted to be a lawyer, but after falling in love with computer games, he decided to become a game… Continue reading Save Game by Joseph Sale


Tales from the Riverside by Larry Landgraf

Ellen, the author’s girlfriend, perfectly describes Tales from the Riverside in this quote: “This is a guy who walks through the zoo, pointing to all kinds of critters, saying ‘THAT’S good eatin’”. Tales from the Riverside is a collection of stories about the author’s life growing up, working on and living in a swamp on… Continue reading Tales from the Riverside by Larry Landgraf