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Let a zombie in your life

7 Weeks in Hell turns 2 tomorrow! In light of its book birthday, I made this poster to encourage you to let a little zombie into your life: If you love… New twists on the zombie genre Books set in Ireland Characters working to overcome trauma and mental illness Sweet dogs Bad guys with a… Continue reading Let a zombie in your life

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Inheriting Her Ghosts by SH Cooper

Forty something Eudora Fellowes defies Victorian convention in many ways. She’s single by choice, prefers the company of her wolfhounds, Cerberus and Black Shuck, to other humans, and she often wears trousers rather than dresses. When her great-aunt leaves her the seaside manor of High Hearth, Eudora looks forward to a quiet country idyll. Unfortunately,… Continue reading Inheriting Her Ghosts by SH Cooper

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We Haunt These Woods by Holley Cornetto

13 year old Nate enjoys spending his summers at Lake Swart with his friends, until the other children start disappearing. Twenty years later, Nate is determined to return to Lake Swart with the other survivors to prove there was nothing preternatural about that summer, but what if Nate’s wrong? This is an unputdownable creepy, atmospheric… Continue reading We Haunt These Woods by Holley Cornetto

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New Release: The Face You Wear by Faith Pierce

Newly married Jana has doubts about her husband, Michael, when he starts disturbing her at night with increasingly sinister behavior. However, Michael denies all of the nocturnal misdeeds. With a history of mental illness in the family, Jana begins to unravel as she tries to discover whether ‘scary’ Michael is all in her head, her… Continue reading New Release: The Face You Wear by Faith Pierce

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Parachute by Holly Rae Garcia

17 year old Angela has just graduated high school and has snuck out for one last party with her friends before they all go their separate ways. While hanging out at the abandoned elementary school, the six friends decide to break in and play one last game of parachute. What better way to celebrate the… Continue reading Parachute by Holly Rae Garcia