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Perfect Little Murder by Yawatta Hosby

A psychological exploration into what makes a child a killer that is as much a tragedy as it is horror. 13 year old Loren isn’t coping with the tragic death of her older brother, Franco, and is convinced that her younger sister, Kina, killed him. Determined to avenge her best friend, and ensure justice is… Continue reading Perfect Little Murder by Yawatta Hosby

book review, horror, poetry, women in horror

Wet Water by WB Welch

35 poems of lust, love and all things relationship, in this collection by horror author, WB Welch. Dark, intense and full of adult language, these poems outline the progression of a romantic relationship - from first lust, intense physical attraction, to comfortable intimacy, then heart ache and irritation, before finally something more akin to love.… Continue reading Wet Water by WB Welch

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Collision by J. S. Breukelaar

A collection of 12 short stories that definitely bring the weird, even if the horror is of the more mundane variety. The first story is Union Falls, in which an armless piano player revitalizes a flagging bar and it’s equally tired owner. Raining Street deals with losing your way in life amid hardship, often literally,… Continue reading Collision by J. S. Breukelaar

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Mythology & Me: Julia Benally

Hi! I'm Julia, born to the Bear Clan of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. I love to write horror strictly at high noon. I dabble in fantasy, thrillers, and sometimes I'll write a romance if I've hit my head. I've had somewhere around two dozen publications and am greedy for more. I enjoy freaky stories… Continue reading Mythology & Me: Julia Benally

book review, horror, women in horror

Zombie Zone Zero 2 by Robert Knight

A young woman searches for love in a world denuded of the living by the dead, in this engaging sequel. The year is 2022, ten years after the events of Zombie Zone Zero, when Artie Johnson, his young daughter, Melissa, and the rest of the survivors fled to Princess Royal Island to escape the dead.… Continue reading Zombie Zone Zero 2 by Robert Knight