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Room With A View by Iseult Murphy

Sapphire plucked the Polaroid camera from the stomach of the man spreadeagled on the hotel room floor. If she’d performed the ritual correctly, the object should have had enough time to absorb the qualities she wanted. The book promised inter dimensional travel through illustrated portals, but she’d only have one chance to cross over, so… Continue reading Room With A View by Iseult Murphy

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On Writing by Stephen King

The king of horror’s famous memoir on the craft. Split into four sections, the first part of the book details King’s life from early childhood until his sale of the paperback rights for his first book, Carrie. The second section explains what a toolbox is and what a writer should keep in theirs (spoilers -… Continue reading On Writing by Stephen King

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Book Launch: 7 Weeks In Hell

Hip hip hooray! 7 Weeks in Hell is here! It’s been 18 months since the events of Basard, and Vicky Murtagh has started a new life in Galway city. Afraid to leave her apartment and plagued by strange visions, could it be that zombies are once more walking the streets of Ireland? Find out what… Continue reading Book Launch: 7 Weeks In Hell

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5000 Words Per Hour by Chris Fox

What better book to read during National Novel Writing Month than one that promises to teach you how to write faster and write smarter? The secret really is discipline, and if you’re interested in increasing your hourly word count Fox will give you step by step instructions on how to pre-plan your writing, write distraction… Continue reading 5000 Words Per Hour by Chris Fox

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Being Indie by Eeva Lancaster

This week of Nonfiction November is about being the expert or becoming the expert. As it’s also National Novel Writing Month, and I’m a writer, I thought I’d focus on writing books this week. Being Indie outlines what an indie author is, how to get a book ready for publication, sourcing a cover, formatting an… Continue reading Being Indie by Eeva Lancaster