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Picture prompts for creative writing

Picture prompts are a fun creative writing exercise. You find a picture and challenge yourself to write a short story or poem inspired by the image. Author David Rae is sharing a picture he drew every week on his blog, and encouraging readers to participate by posting a short story inspired by his drawing in… Continue reading Picture prompts for creative writing

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Guest post by Valinora Troy

It’s day three of Valinora Troy’s blog takeover, and today she shares with us some of the inspiration for the fantastical elements in her debut book, The Lucky Diamond. WHEN Iseult asked me what inspired my sentient diamonds and the talking canoe character in my children’s fantasy, I was really stuck. Saying they were “just… Continue reading Guest post by Valinora Troy

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What Scares You?

Inspired by Kira Jeanette’s blog post about 5 horror tropes that DON’T scare you, I thought I’d write about some things that DO scare me. #1 Parasites and Body Horror I love animals, but I struggle when it comes to parasites, especially internal parasites (although ticks are high on my list of least liked animals).… Continue reading What Scares You?