Dragon Books

Four Epic Fantasy Novellas

Romance, adventure, humor, danger, and dragons.

Ocean and sand

The Mountains of Sorrow

Today, Rowan is going to kill the queen.

In a world that has forgotten magic, will the love of two disparate souls be enough to return it to the land?

Rowan is a wood witch. Exiled and excluded because of her belief in the Earth Dragons and her practice of magic, she is not content to sit quietly and watch the Kingdom fall to pieces at the hands of the widowed queen.

She is determined to put a stop to the queen and reunite the Kingdom with the Earth Magic that made it great. If it means she also gets revenge on the woman her father left her mother for, so be it.

Argento was once the royal protector, but since the king’s death he has been demoted to a lowly sentry. All he wants is to hear from the queen’s own mouth why she is ordering such dreadful acts to be performed in her name, but her new star magic creatures won’t let him, or anyone, near her.

Can a rebel and a disgraced royal guard work together to wake the sleeping Earth Dragons and save the Kingdom from the evil that seeks to destroy it?

An exciting elemental dragon fantasy adventure.

Sand and ocean

Bête Noire

Released October 2021

Clear water at the beach

Save Our Dragons!

Released November 2021.

Clear water at the beach

The Present

Released December 2021

Iseult Murphy’s work has a beautiful, mystical quality that takes you into another realm.


Iseult Murphy started writing at 4 years old and finished her first novel at 12. She lives in Ireland with a variety of animal friends.

She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

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