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From The Ashes

You have to burn away the lies to reveal the truth.

The world is dying. Resources are limited. Settlements aggressively defend their food and water.

Rose has always been grateful to the people who took her in as a lost child, forgiving their cruel treatment and hard work because of their initial act of kindness. 

The violent consequences of a tragic accident causes Rose to not only question her life, but her very existence. Her quest to discover what she is leads her to find a world that has been hidden for centuries. 

An exciting fantasy novella from the author of 7 Days in Hell.

Released Spring 2022.

The Necromancer, The Witch, and the Falcon

Released Spring 2022.

Wonderful well written plot that had me engaged from the start.


Iseult Murphy started writing at 4 years old and finished her first novel at 12. She lives in Ireland with a variety of animal friends.

She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

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