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Released September 2021.

All Of Me

Sometimes you are your own worst enemy.

Margaret’s unhappy with her life. Overweight, overwhelmed and passed over. When her neighbor gives her a gift, she wakes up a new person – or three.

Now Dot, Peggy and Daisy have the freedom to pursue their career, creativity, and darkest obsessions. But is it any easier living with yourself when there are three of you? And why, when they can indulge their cravings, are they still holding themselves back?

Perhaps getting what you want, and eating it too, does not lead to happiness.

From the author of the 7th Hell series comes a body horror fairy tale about self-talk, self-hate, and insatiable hunger.

Released October 2021.

Hanging On

Released December 2021.

Iseult Murphy clearly knows the horror genre very well.


Iseult Murphy started writing at 4 years old and finished her first novel at 12. She lives in Ireland with a variety of animal friends.

She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

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