book review, fantasy, horror, young adult

Unbreakable By Kami Garcia

Move over Sam and Dean Winchester, there’s a new set of demon hunting brothers in town, and this time they’re twins. 17 year old Kennedy Waters has an eidetic memory and is a skilled artist, but is in every other way totally unremarkable. Apart from the fact that she’s a member of a centuries old… Continue reading Unbreakable By Kami Garcia

book review, fantasy

Guns of Liberty by Jamie Mauchline

A secondary world fantasy book that, unfortunately, doesn’t live up to its potential. Inquisitor Rachel Masters is escorting Duchess Lalita to her wedding, when the airship they’re traveling in is raided by the notorious pirate vessel, The Heart of Gold, captained by former naval officer, Genevieve. When Lalita is taken captive by the pirates, Rachel’s… Continue reading Guns of Liberty by Jamie Mauchline

book review, fantasy

Even Goblins Get The Blues by Patrick Rodgers

When a book starts with a foreword by a clinical psychologist praising its depiction of a therapist as neither a conman or a killer, it’s probably a bad sign. Abernathy the Clear lives in Sapphire City, a fantasy style world based along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons, and runs a successful talk therapy practice… Continue reading Even Goblins Get The Blues by Patrick Rodgers