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Once Upon A Winter

This anthology is made up of 17 fairytales, some original and some retellings, all set during the dark of a cold, snowy winter. Like all anthologies, some stories spoke to me more than others. The first story is The Biting Cold by Josie Jeffrey, an ecological dark fantasy cautionary tale told in second person narration.… Continue reading Once Upon A Winter

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Wind Chill by Patrick Rutigliano

This book comprises the novella, Wind Chill, and eight short horror stories by the same author. Wind Chill is the story of Emma, a teenager who is traumatized by the loss of her mother and the increasingly bizarre behavior of her father. Emma’s father is obsessed with keeping his daughter safe, whether she agrees to… Continue reading Wind Chill by Patrick Rutigliano

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A Connecticut Gumshoe in King Arthur’s Court by Randy McCharles

Ex cop turned private investigator, Sam Sparrow, gets whisked to ancient Camelot by the wizard Merlin for a series of comical adventures that rely heavily on classic noir detective stories. I love the premise of this book. The idea of a hardboiled detective noir story set in medieval times, especially a fantasy medieval world with… Continue reading A Connecticut Gumshoe in King Arthur’s Court by Randy McCharles

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A Door into Evermoor by Kent Wayne

19 year old Jon Dough is desperate to find purpose in life and strains against society’s expectations that fill his future with a boring and unfulfilling life. After an unusual meeting at a military recruitment office, Jon begins to have visions of other worlds, until one day he takes the leap into Evermoor. As a… Continue reading A Door into Evermoor by Kent Wayne

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The Haunting of Trinity House by Travis Liebert

Something strange is happening at Trinity House, a former Catholic foster home for boys run by priests, and now a homeless shelter managed by nuns. Magnus Conrad has spent years searching for evidence of the paranormal in order to explain his parents deaths when he was a small boy. When an old acquaintance calls him… Continue reading The Haunting of Trinity House by Travis Liebert