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Little Town Creeps 3 by Courtneey J Williams

It’s great to be back in Little Town with the creeps! Following straight on from the vampire attack on the zoo that ended book 2, Tyler, Alex, Cuddy and Gorby, along with Tonya and Nisa, are busy keeping Little Town safe from monstrous attacks. The vampires that plagued the town have gone dormant, but that… Continue reading Little Town Creeps 3 by Courtneey J Williams

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New Release: That Which Cannot Be Undone edited by Jess Landry

What a great idea for a horror anthology. These eighteen stories, all set in Ohio, weave different aspects of the state into their terrifying narratives. From the cities of Cleveland and Columbus, to an old prison, a drowned town, an abandoned winery, and many other natural and notable locations, these stories place Ohio front and… Continue reading New Release: That Which Cannot Be Undone edited by Jess Landry

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New Release: Adventures in 1887

I love the concept of this anthology series. Each volume covers a year in the life of New Albion, an island off New York where ordinary humans and magical folk coexist. It’s a shared world series of anthologies, the world designed by the authors in cooperation before they wrote their stories. The stories in Adventures… Continue reading New Release: Adventures in 1887

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Hag by John Shupeck

17 year old Ray is still grieving the loss of his mother three years previously, drowning his emotions in beer, and plagued by sleep paralysis and nightmares. When the woman of his dreams offers him release, will Ray follow the Hag into darkness or fight to retain his sanity? This novella gives a great psychological… Continue reading Hag by John Shupeck

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Mermaids and Mayhem by Erin Hayes

18 year old Tara recently joined Neptune’s aquarium as a mermaid performer, and is now touring the aquariums of the United States. While performing in Houston, she is surprised to discover she can communicate with a newly captured dolphin calf. Returning to his enclosure one evening, she encounters a very merman-like figure trying to rescue… Continue reading Mermaids and Mayhem by Erin Hayes