book review, horror, women in horror

White Pines by Gemma Amor

Is there anything spookier than a tiny, isolated village and it’s creepy traditions? Yes, apparently there is. After the break up of her marriage, Megan drives to the Scottish highlands to stay in the abandoned house her grandmother left her. Soon old, forgotten memories resurface as she discovers the weird traditions of the locals and… Continue reading White Pines by Gemma Amor

book review, horror, women in horror

The Malan Witch by Catherine Cavendish

Nothing to do with Ireland’s northernmost point, Malin Head, the horror in this novel takes place on Cornwall’s picturesque Atlantic coast. After the death of her husband, Robyn Crowe decides to spend the summer in her sister’s idyllic holiday home in Cornwall. Unfortunately, the spirits of sister witches that once lived in the cottage seek… Continue reading The Malan Witch by Catherine Cavendish

book review, horror, women in horror

The Sleepless by Nuzo Onoh

This book starts off as a horror novel but, much like its protagonist, morphs into something else entirely by the end, in a twist that would make M Night Shyamalan blush. The Sleepless is the story of Obelé - the smallest one - the unwanted fourth daughter of an Igbo couple living in Nigeria in… Continue reading The Sleepless by Nuzo Onoh

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A Passing Shower by Bruce Goodman

I discovered this book through Joe’s top 10 list of books for 2020. As I’m a fan of Goodman’s work, I was excited to read a novel length piece of his fiction. A Passing Shower is the story of Yvonne, told through her not quite autobiographical novel/diary. This novel is a lot like life. It’s… Continue reading A Passing Shower by Bruce Goodman

book review, horror, women in horror

Undead Ultra by Camille Picott

When the dead get up and walk, it’s time for the living to run. Ultramarathon runners, Kate and Fredrico, decide to run the 201 miles to Kate’s son’s college when zombies cause chaos in Northern California. The setup is a familiar one for zombie fiction. When the dead rise and start snacking on the living,… Continue reading Undead Ultra by Camille Picott