book review, horror

Golem by P D Alleva

In Long Island, bored socialite Annette grows stronger in her hatred of humanity, while in New York newly minted police detective John Ashton is tasked with searching for the new D.A’s missing daughter. The case leads him to a mental hospital, and Alena, where he hears a dark tale that’s too disturbing to be true.… Continue reading Golem by P D Alleva

fantasy, horror

Gossip and Gorgons by Tilly Wallace

In the third installment of the Manners and Monsters series, Hannah travels to a house party. However, it’s not all fun and games as one of the guests turns to stone. Forced to investigate, Hannah and Wycliff grow closer as they unearth some sordid secrets from their fellow guests. Wallace is so at home writing… Continue reading Gossip and Gorgons by Tilly Wallace

book review, fantasy, Middle Grade

The Eternal City of the Obsidian Toad by Elizabeth Eckstein

Novice alchemists, thirteen year olds Mathew and Simon, accompany Master Ragnardt to Prague to find a cure for Grand Master Thorbrand, who has fallen suddenly and mysteriously ill. The Apocrypolis, a labyrinthine city beneath Prague, is full of wonders and dangers. While Ragnardt continues to look for answers in Czechia, Matthew and Simon join Veronica… Continue reading The Eternal City of the Obsidian Toad by Elizabeth Eckstein

book review, fantasy

The Beforetimes by Boots

The Harrower The Mother has deposed the King, who is now in exile. Raising armies against him, the vengeful queen has an ace up her sleeve - the bovine Harrower with the power of fire. However, what does the Harrower feel about being used as a weapon of mass destruction? I love the world of… Continue reading The Beforetimes by Boots

book review, science fiction, thriller

Bloodless by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Following on directly from the end of Verses for the Dead, Special Agent A X L Pendergast, his ward Constance, and his FBI partner, Agent Coldmoon, are sent to Savannah to investigate a series of strange murders that suggest there’s a vampire on the loose in Georgia. I’ve been a fan of Preston and Child’s… Continue reading Bloodless by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child