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Blackberry Book Tour: Revenge of Queen Rose by Valinora Troy

About the book “Supposing for a moment that by sheer luck you stumbled on to one of the three gates of the city, you would not be able to open it. Even if you found out the password for one, you would still have to escape from Fang.” “Who’s Fang?” Though Alan had a sinking… Continue reading Blackberry Book Tour: Revenge of Queen Rose by Valinora Troy

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Blindspots by Rhonda Parrish

In a world of almost exclusively dogs, veteran pilot Ricky is trying to find his place in postwar life. When his brother, Jasper, goes missing, Ricky recruits the old gang for one last mission. The war might be over, but is the world really at peace? Blindspots has the air of a 1940s post WWII… Continue reading Blindspots by Rhonda Parrish

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Sinister Entity by Hunter Shea

Jessica Backman is now nineteen, studying at college while continuing her father’s investigations into the paranormal. She’s surprised when psychic, Eddie Home, tracks her down and wants to work with her. Guarded, and suspicious, Jessica tests Eddie out on the investigation of a doppelgänger terrifying a young woman and her family. As Jessica realizes she’s… Continue reading Sinister Entity by Hunter Shea

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Alien Safari by Robert Appleton

Ferrix Vaughn is the most trust worthy Omicron detective - he arrested his whole family for terrorism - and also the least trusted - he arrested his whole family for terrorism! When a fellow agent asks him to investigate a crash on a wildlife planet, Hesperidia, in the Herculean-L system, Vaughn agrees, little knowing that… Continue reading Alien Safari by Robert Appleton

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The BEK Curse by Jonathan Pongratz

Richard and Maria, a couple with two sons in college, are enjoying their new rural life when they are visited by the Black Eyed Kids, and their dream retirement becomes a nightmare. For those who don’t know, Black Eyed Kids (or Children) is an urban legend that originated in the US in the 1990s. Since… Continue reading The BEK Curse by Jonathan Pongratz