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Book Launch: 7 Weeks In Hell

Hip hip hooray! 7 Weeks in Hell is here! It’s been 18 months since the events of Basard, and Vicky Murtagh has started a new life in Galway city. Afraid to leave her apartment and plagued by strange visions, could it be that zombies are once more walking the streets of Ireland? Find out what… Continue reading Book Launch: 7 Weeks In Hell

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All Hallows’ Write Tag

Yes, I know, I’m a few days late with this. My good friend and feared leader, Rami Ungar, tagged me a while ago and, October being the month it was, I’m only getting around to it now. The Rules Provide a short description of your story. Eighteen months after experiencing the Halloween from hell, Vicky… Continue reading All Hallows’ Write Tag