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Joseph Sale Month: Interview with Joseph Sale

Iseult: Joseph, thank you so much for talking with me today. It’s been a blast celebrating your writing all month long, and it’s wonderful to get to learn more about your inspiration and process. Virtue’s End is a masterpiece. It’s both an exciting fantasy and a deeply personal tale, and it’s an epic poem! What… Continue reading Joseph Sale Month: Interview with Joseph Sale

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Interview with Daniel Soule

To celebrate the release of Dan Soule’s new book tomorrow, I summoned him to the blog to ask him some questions about The Jam. Iseult: Traffic jams are pretty hellish, so they are fertile ground for a horror writer. Did any real life traffic incident inspire this novella? Dan: We've all been stuck there with… Continue reading Interview with Daniel Soule

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Guest post by Valinora Troy

It’s day three of Valinora Troy’s blog takeover, and today she shares with us some of the inspiration for the fantastical elements in her debut book, The Lucky Diamond. WHEN Iseult asked me what inspired my sentient diamonds and the talking canoe character in my children’s fantasy, I was really stuck. Saying they were “just… Continue reading Guest post by Valinora Troy

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Author Interview with Valinora Troy

The blog takeover continues with my author interview with Valinora Troy. Iseult: Hello Valinora, thank you for talking with me today. Congratulations on the launch of The Lucky Diamond. I loved it. It is so imaginative and fun. Valinora: Thank you so much, Iseult! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it. I hope readers… Continue reading Author Interview with Valinora Troy

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Interview with Lindsay J Sedgwick

Iseult: Hi Lindsay, welcome to my blog. I’m so excited about the release of your new book, Wulfie Saves the Planet. I’ve been jumping into old trunks, looking for a way to Lupuslandia so I can get my own wulfen best friend, ever since I read your first Wulfie book. I know you are really… Continue reading Interview with Lindsay J Sedgwick