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April In Review

Book Reviews: The Girl Who Wasn’t ThereShadow SoulFood FrightThe Heart of Owl AbbasBig SmokeThe Waters of NyrAssassin’s Apprentice Kind Nepenthe Thornhill Blood JourneyThe Final Wars EndIt Calls From The ForestPax OversightFlesh and Blood My Life As A PotatoAn Untoward Bliss of MoonsDeep RootsLake City Way Ninja GirlThe Odyssey Author interviews: Elle Katharine White - author… Continue reading April In Review


Author Interview Terrie Leigh Relf

Terrie Leigh Relf is a woman of many talents. Poet, novelist, editor and writing coach are just some of the arrows in her quiver. Creativity flows vigorously in her blood. A keen reader from a young age, and encouraged by her grandmother to write her own stories, Terrie published her first poem at only 6… Continue reading Author Interview Terrie Leigh Relf

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Elle Katharine White Author Interview

After reading Elle Katharine White’s first fantasy novel, Heartstone, for my book club, I reached out to interview her, and she graciously agreed. Ella credits childhood insomnia with starting her on her story telling journey. In an effort to aide falling asleep, she would tell herself tales each night, until eventually they became too big… Continue reading Elle Katharine White Author Interview

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Mythology & Me: David Rae

Hi. This week I’m doing an interview with my friend and fellow author Iseult Murphy. Most of you will know her from her guest posts here (on David’s blog) TOPPER’S SHOP and from her brilliant short story collections available on Amazon. Iseult is participating in a series of exchange interviews MYTHOLOGY AND ME and you… Continue reading Mythology & Me: David Rae

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David Rae Week

To celebrate the launch of David Rae’s dark fantasy novel, Crowman, from Brain lag Publishing on Friday (Friday 13th, how cool is that!), I’m celebrating all things David Rae on my blog. Who is David Rae? David Rae lives in Scotland in a world of his own; a world of wonder, a world where hoards… Continue reading David Rae Week