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Interview with Lindsay J Sedgwick

Iseult: Hi Lindsay, welcome to my blog. I’m so excited about the release of your new book, Wulfie Saves the Planet. I’ve been jumping into old trunks, looking for a way to Lupuslandia so I can get my own wulfen best friend, ever since I read your first Wulfie book. I know you are really… Continue reading Interview with Lindsay J Sedgwick

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Guest Post by Lindsay J Sedgwick

‘For forty odd years in this noble profession I’ve harboured a guilt and my conscience is smitten So here is my slightly embarrassed confession I don’t like to write but I love to have written.’ – Michael Kanin While I can absolutely empathise – there is something so satisfying to finish a piece of writing,… Continue reading Guest Post by Lindsay J Sedgwick


Interview with Johann Thorsson

The third and final day of the blog takeover. Today, I talk to Johann about Whitesands. Iseult: Hi Johann, thank you so much for talking with me. I loved Whitesands and I hope it is the first in a series of John Dark novels. What was the inspiration behind the blend of thriller and paranormal… Continue reading Interview with Johann Thorsson

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Interview with WB Welch

Iseult: Welcome, WB, it’s so great you agreed to speak with me today. I’m a big fan of your poetry and of The Last Letter, your zombie novel coauthored with Tory Hunter. WB: Thank you for having me as a guest. Agh! You read Wet Water? Thank you so much. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what… Continue reading Interview with WB Welch

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Guest Post: Rose’s Gold by WB Welch

WB Welch here! I want to start this post by thanking Iseult for having me as a guest and for taking the time to read Rose’s Gold prior to its release. I’m excited to be here and excited to talk a little more about my latest novella. (Giveaway being announced below, but don’t be naughty… Continue reading Guest Post: Rose’s Gold by WB Welch