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All of Me Discounted! One Week Only!

Have you ever felt at war with yourself? Do you long to take a vacation from the inner monologue constantly talking in your head? Would you be able to achieve your goals if you could only get out of your own way? Want to read a story about someone who feels the same? Meet Margaret.… Continue reading All of Me Discounted! One Week Only!

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Fantasy books to enjoy

The Mountains of Sorrow The Mountains of Sorrow turns one today! If you love reading about: Earth magic versus star magic Powerful people destroying the land Strong women Noble men Cute squirrels Elemental dragons Then this is the book for you! Get The Mountains of Sorrow now If you like fantasy stories this is a… Continue reading Fantasy books to enjoy

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Let a zombie in your life

7 Weeks in Hell turns 2 tomorrow! In light of its book birthday, I made this poster to encourage you to let a little zombie into your life: If you love… New twists on the zombie genre Books set in Ireland Characters working to overcome trauma and mental illness Sweet dogs Bad guys with a… Continue reading Let a zombie in your life

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Which little book turns 3 today?

Jonathan Pongratz’s Halloween horror, Reaper, celebrates the anniversary of its release today. Can you believe it? Halloween may be a few months away, but us horror days fans like to create the atmosphere of the spookiest month all year long. If you are looking for an entertaining, chilling read about a young teenager who will… Continue reading Which little book turns 3 today?