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The Year of the Storm By John Mantooth

A story about those who seek to find a way to leave the world behind, and succeed. It’s been months since fourteen year old Danny’s mother and autistic young sister, Anna, disappeared, but he’s convinced that he can find them. When he tracks down the mysterious man who hangs around his house at night, Danny… Continue reading The Year of the Storm By John Mantooth

book review, fantasy

Guns of Liberty by Jamie Mauchline

A secondary world fantasy book that, unfortunately, doesn’t live up to its potential. Inquisitor Rachel Masters is escorting Duchess Lalita to her wedding, when the airship they’re traveling in is raided by the notorious pirate vessel, The Heart of Gold, captained by former naval officer, Genevieve. When Lalita is taken captive by the pirates, Rachel’s… Continue reading Guns of Liberty by Jamie Mauchline

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Nekyia by Joseph Sale

Nekyia, The collected four horsemen and the fifth horseman is rich in symbolism, covers life and death, and is essential reading for those who love Sale’s work. The first part of the book is a series of short stories introducing a different character. In City of Illusion, Yin rules the Circle in death, spreading fear… Continue reading Nekyia by Joseph Sale

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Buddy Read With Jonny @Jaunts and Haunts

For our buddy read this month, Jonny and I read YA horror novel, Shutter, and it’s prequel short story, Trigger. Click on the book names to read Jonny’s reviews of Trigger and Shutter here. Click on the names of the books to read my reviews of Trigger and Shutter. This is the first book that… Continue reading Buddy Read With Jonny @Jaunts and Haunts

book review, horror, short story, young adult

Trigger by Courtney Alameda

A short story prequel to the young adult novel, Shutter, Trigger introduces readers to Micheline Helsing and the hunters of the undead. 15 year old Micheline inherited her Tetrachromatic eyes from her mother, allowing her to see ghosts and trap them in mirrors. She’s also being trained to take over from her commander father, and… Continue reading Trigger by Courtney Alameda