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Dark Waters by Katherine Arden

It’s been over six months since the events of Halloween when Ollie, Coco and Brian first met The Smiling Man, and over three since their second run in with him after Christmas. Terrified of meeting him again, the three friends have hit the books in the hope of finding a way to get him out… Continue reading Dark Waters by Katherine Arden

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New Release: Plague Birds by Jason Sanford

Set in the far future, what is left of humanity is separated into agrarian settlements protected by sentient artificial intelligences, and wilder human animal hybrids devoted to the hunt. Overseeing both groups and keeping the peace are the plague birds, powerful AIs that have bonded with their human hosts. They are feared by the people… Continue reading New Release: Plague Birds by Jason Sanford

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New Release: Alien Ambush by Nikki Haverstock

Captain Liz and her crew are back. In the second book in the series, Liz is in charge of ferrying a troupe of performers from planet to planet so they can entertain the inhabitants. However, when visiting a research planet known for its giant snails, the show results in murder. Trapped on the planet while… Continue reading New Release: Alien Ambush by Nikki Haverstock

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When the Cicadas Stop Singing by Zachary Ashford

In a post apocalyptic world where civilization has been destroyed by the rise of the lizard men, Cora manages to survive in the Australian wilderness. Relying on her intelligence, and the things left behind in a once thriving camping location, she holds her own in an increasingly dangerous world. However, it is other survivors who… Continue reading When the Cicadas Stop Singing by Zachary Ashford

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Ghost Girl by Ally Malinenko

11 year old Zee lives with her older sister, Abby, in the quiet town of Knobbs Ferry. The hardships of loss and poverty have done nothing to dampen the flame of creativity that fills Zee, and she loved sharing her stories with her only friend, Elijah. After a storm hits the town, a newcomer seems… Continue reading Ghost Girl by Ally Malinenko