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Book Launch: 7 Weeks In Hell

Hip hip hooray! 7 Weeks in Hell is here! It’s been 18 months since the events of Basard, and Vicky Murtagh has started a new life in Galway city. Afraid to leave her apartment and plagued by strange visions, could it be that zombies are once more walking the streets of Ireland? Find out what… Continue reading Book Launch: 7 Weeks In Hell

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June in Review

June has been a months of highs and lows. I released 7 Weeks in Hell, which got to #6 on horror comedy bestseller list. Littlest pup passed away this month. Book Launch Nestled between counties Limerick and Cork in Southern Ireland, something evil lurks in the place of High Death. When Vicky’s boss offers… Continue reading June in Review

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7 Days in Hell now available in Print

7 Days in Hell is now available in paperback. I’m so pleased with how the illustrations turned out. It makes the print copy extra special, and it is definitely something I’m going to continue doing with my print books going forward. I love that I get to combine my writing and art in one package.… Continue reading 7 Days in Hell now available in Print

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Half Way Through 2020

I can’t believe we are at the half way point of the year already. Soon will be the Summer Solstice, and after that the days will be growing shorter once more and winter will be on its way. I couldn’t have predicted the things that have happened in the last six months, but it isn’t… Continue reading Half Way Through 2020

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To celebrate the launch of my horror novel yesterday, I thought I’d share the first line (or several) of 7 Days in Hell for #FirstlineFriday. Enjoy! Rain obscured the front windscreen as Irene nosed her battered red Renault Clio down the narrow country lane. She hunched her slender body over the steering wheel. Even with… Continue reading #FirstLineFriday