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To celebrate the launch of my horror novel yesterday, I thought I’d share the first line (or several) of 7 Days in Hell for #FirstlineFriday. Enjoy! Rain obscured the front windscreen as Irene nosed her battered red Renault Clio down the narrow country lane. She hunched her slender body over the steering wheel. Even with… Continue reading #FirstLineFriday

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Book Launch: 7 Days in Hell

Thank you so much to all the people who preordered my book, 7 Days in Hell. I am so grateful with each and every one of you. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the preorder, but I hope that you will grab your copy as the book is released today. Available for $0.99 on Amazon Discover… Continue reading Book Launch: 7 Days in Hell

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The truly terrifying, father of fear, Rami Ungar has tagged me for #FirstLineFriday. Thank you, Rami! This looks loads of fun. The Rules: Write a post called #FirstLineFriday, including the hashtag. Explain the rules. Share the first line or two of a story idea, work in progress, completed or published tale. Encourage readers to comment… Continue reading #FirstlineFriday