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Original Fiction: Dead Jimmy and the Wine Cellar

It came as no surprise that millionaire wine merchant, Oscar O’Brien, lived in a mansion with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Castletown Bay, but I had no idea what Uncle Jimmy and I were doing in his spotless kitchen on a sunny Wednesday morning. “I’ve been robbed.” O’Brien reminded me of a lumberjack, with his… Continue reading Original Fiction: Dead Jimmy and the Wine Cellar

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Original Fiction: Thief in the Night by Iseult Murphy

The whispers woke Mandrake, warning him that he was not alone. He opened his eyes a slit and peered out. By the light of the quarter moon, he saw a shadowy figure rifling through his backpack. He knew the stretch of road through the forested hills surrounding Marghbarg was home to a band of robbers… Continue reading Original Fiction: Thief in the Night by Iseult Murphy

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Advent Ghosts 2021

In the spirit of the Victorian tradition of telling spooky Christmas stories, Loren Eaton’s Advent Ghosts challenges participants to write a Christmas themed scary drabble (a story of 100 words). Click here to check out Loren’s site, where he has links to all the participants stories. Now, without further ado, my story… The Ghosts of… Continue reading Advent Ghosts 2021

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What Scares You?

Inspired by Kira Jeanette’s blog post about 5 horror tropes that DON’T scare you, I thought I’d write about some things that DO scare me. #1 Parasites and Body Horror I love animals, but I struggle when it comes to parasites, especially internal parasites (although ticks are high on my list of least liked animals).… Continue reading What Scares You?

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First Line Friday

No Place Like Home Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.  Dylan returns home for the funeral of his mother. After decades away, the fears that drove him to flee seem like childish nightmares. Dylan is about to find out whether it’s true what they say. You can never go… Continue reading First Line Friday