book review, fantasy, science fiction

Spirit of Sasquatch by Ernest Solar

Spirit of Sasquatch is a must read for fans of cryptids, especially followers of the big man. Brock Blackwell’s mother disappeared when he was a baby, spirited away by a bigfoot, or so his father says. Brock tries to please his angry, abusive dad but never seems to succeed. Things change when, during a routine… Continue reading Spirit of Sasquatch by Ernest Solar

book review, science fiction

Animorphs #1: Invasion by K A Applegate

Jonny at Haunts and Jaunts introduced me to the Animorphs series. Aliens and animals - what’s not to like? The first book in a series of 54 - yes, folks, there are 54 Animorphs books, with about 10 more books connected to the series - introduces the five main characters. There’s Jake, the natural leader… Continue reading Animorphs #1: Invasion by K A Applegate

book review, fantasy

Widow by Rob Bliss

A literary retelling of the three little pigs, Widow is not your childhood fairytale. Joan, and her little boy, Joseph, move to the city after the death of her pig farmer husband. However, after a monstrous force destroys her house of bricks, the mother and son find themselves in the woods looking for a new… Continue reading Widow by Rob Bliss

book review, horror

Reaper by Jonathan Pongratz

When I found out that Jonny from Jaunts and Haunts had published a horror novella, I couldn’t wait to read it. You better beware, you’re in for a scare! On Halloween night, 13 year old Gregory is finally old enough to look after his baby sister, Immy, while their parents go out for the evening.… Continue reading Reaper by Jonathan Pongratz

book review, horror

Highway Twenty by Michael J Moore

My first book of 2020 is the fantastic horror novel, Highway Twenty, published by Hellbound Books. Conor Mitchell lives in the quiet town of Sedrow Woolley and works as a mechanic in the next town over. He has a girl who spends the night on the weekends, and even though he would like more of… Continue reading Highway Twenty by Michael J Moore