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Fiction: Because the Night

Kathy had forgotten it was the night of the full moon until a collar of white fur, like an ermine scarf, sprouted from her soft skin. She thought it looked stylish, highlighting the length of her neck rising above, and the angularity of her collarbones peeking below. She slipped into a shapeless shift dress, coiled… Continue reading Fiction: Because the Night

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And the winner is…

Still reeling from her experience with the dragon bat last week, Iseult decided to send Tigger out to the garden to collect the embroidery contest winner’s name from the rafflecopter. She stood at the door watching while the little dog bounced like an enthusiastic shadow across the paving, bounded onto the grass and gathered his… Continue reading And the winner is…

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Fiction: They’re Coming To Get You

Nina saw the overturned boat first, caught up in the weeds near the side of the lake, and then the dozen dead bodies sprawled naked on the shore. Dad had brought her to the park to feed the ducks, but he’d forgotten the bread, and now he sat on the bench glued to his phone.… Continue reading Fiction: They’re Coming To Get You


New Reader Magnets

All the cool writers give away lots of exclusive free content to their newsletter subscribers (I’m looking at you, Dan Soule, Nick Clausen and Duncan Ralston). I want to be as awesome as they are. I sent out the call to my loyal fans and slowly the reply trickled back through carrier pidgeon and danced… Continue reading New Reader Magnets