Incredible Mister Hans, nonfiction

You Shall Not Pass

I know Hans would have protected me or any of his human or canine family, but thankfully he was never called to do so. He loved people and greeted everyone as a friend. I’ve met many German Shepherds who are shy and nervous of strangers, but Hans was always happy and friendly. He loved life… Continue reading You Shall Not Pass

Incredible Mister Hans, nonfiction

Nurse Hans

Did you know that dogs have been trained to sniff out cancer? Assistance dogs can be trained to alert their owners when they are going to have a migraine, or a seizure. Dogs are even used to warn diabetics when they need insulin.  Hans would have been great at doing any of those things. He… Continue reading Nurse Hans

Incredible Mister Hans

If Only They Could Talk

When I was a child I wished I could talk to animals. I didn’t realize that all I had to do was watch and listen. Animals were chattering away all around me, they just didn’t speak English, and some didn’t even use sound to communicate.  One of the problems with communication between humans and animals… Continue reading If Only They Could Talk

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Coffee and Thorn Book Tour: Milking the Cat by Theophanes Avery

About Milking The Cat Milking the Cat is a tongue-in-cheek collection of animal related tales as recounted by a pet owner, former breeder, and farmer in New England. Each story revolves around the funny and absurd winding the reader into increasingly ridiculous situations. From naked cats, to psychopathic cockatoos, to love sick horses, and misplaced… Continue reading Coffee and Thorn Book Tour: Milking the Cat by Theophanes Avery

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Sex and Sexuality in Medieval England by Kathryn Warner

A fascinating look into marriage, children and the intimate lives of English people during the 13th to 15th centuries. I love the medieval period, so when I saw a review of this book, I had to request a copy from Netgalley. Because of reading other history books about this era, I wasn’t surprised by much… Continue reading Sex and Sexuality in Medieval England by Kathryn Warner