advent ghosts, fiction, short story

Advent Ghosts 2019

Rhonda Parrish introduced me to Loren Eaton's Advent Ghosts event, and I thought I would take part this year. In the spirit of the Victorian tradition of telling spooky Christmas stories, Loren challenges participants to write a Christmas themed scary drabble (a story of 100 words). Be sure to check out Loren's site, where he… Continue reading Advent Ghosts 2019


The Secret of the Gazebo

Daisy shrieked as Paul pushed her closer to the gazebo. “If you can last five minutes without screaming, you can have all my chocolate for the month,” Paul said. Daisy clamped her mouth shut, balled her fists and nodded. The gazeo was scary, but she loved candy. “Time starts now.” Paul’s final shove sent Daisy… Continue reading The Secret of the Gazebo


The Screaming Stones

Mandrake followed the path through the snow to the screaming stones. He found them arranged on an altar at the foot of the mountain where the trees ended. Some were big stones, carved with intricate representations of people in fine clothes. Others were small, the figures simply done. Each one contained a soul. “Wait, don’t… Continue reading The Screaming Stones