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Trigger by Courtney Alameda

A short story prequel to the young adult novel, Shutter, Trigger introduces readers to Micheline Helsing and the hunters of the undead. 15 year old Micheline inherited her Tetrachromatic eyes from her mother, allowing her to see ghosts and trap them in mirrors. She’s also being trained to take over from her commander father, and… Continue reading Trigger by Courtney Alameda

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The Visitor by S A Asthana

A Western, science fiction, horror mash up - what’s not to love? Jill Thorn is on the run, and after days of travel, she winds up in a small town deep within Apache country. Unfortunately for Jill, she has arrived at a time when this town is a very dangerous place to be. At only… Continue reading The Visitor by S A Asthana

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The Woods Today by Iseult Murphy

I had hoped to submit to Blood Bound Books anthology, Burnt Fur, but like many things, I didn’t make it. Joseph Sale encouraged me to write a story on the anthology theme anyway (he has a great story about ducks in the book). Therefore, I present to you my story for this week - The… Continue reading The Woods Today by Iseult Murphy

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The Sea of Light Forgets by Iseult Murphy

Captain Dusk didn't like sailing on the night of the full moon, even when it was obscured by clouds, because it made the dark sharks relentless. They pulled against their restraints, making the boat rock unreasonably across the calm sea; but it was the night for the princesses to meet, and who was he to… Continue reading The Sea of Light Forgets by Iseult Murphy

book review, fantasy, short story

The Heart of Owl Abbas by Kathleen Jennings

With the intricate world building of China Miéville, and the same unique beauty as the author’s art, The Heart of Owl Abbas is a short story to be cherished. Set in the city kingdom of Owl Abbas, the story concerns a starving artist who writes songs under the name of Excelsior, and the Nightingale automaton… Continue reading The Heart of Owl Abbas by Kathleen Jennings