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Good news, everyone!

USA Today bestselling author, S. K Gregory, is celebrating Women in Horror all month long over at her blog. She has lots of guest author articles, interviews and stories, so be sure to keep an eye on her blog this February (there might be a story from me!) Visit S. K Gregory’s blog Some of… Continue reading Good news, everyone!

book review, horror, women in horror

One by One by Yawatta Hosby

Nine good looking young friends spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods. They obviously have a death wish. Ten years ago, siblings Keenan and Rae witnessed the torture and murder of their parents by strangers while vacationing in their cabin in the woods. Now history seems to be repeating as the young adults… Continue reading One by One by Yawatta Hosby

book review, horror, women in horror

White Pines by Gemma Amor

Is there anything spookier than a tiny, isolated village and it’s creepy traditions? Yes, apparently there is. After the break up of her marriage, Megan drives to the Scottish highlands to stay in the abandoned house her grandmother left her. Soon old, forgotten memories resurface as she discovers the weird traditions of the locals and… Continue reading White Pines by Gemma Amor

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Psycho Gets Her Man by Camille Picott

The second outing for stoner chums, Santa Claus and Rudolph, sees them journey to Ancient Greece. After unleashing the zombie apocalypse, Nick and Rudy seek to escape being eaten by using a time machine to travel back to before the zombies arrived. Nick takes a fancy to the first young woman they meet, but it… Continue reading Psycho Gets Her Man by Camille Picott