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Ask Me Anything

Last month I challenged people on social media, and on my blog, to send me questions. Ask me anything, I said. Six brave souls took up the challenge. Here are my answers. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?David Rae on Facebook Great question, David! Thank you. What is scary? Lots of things terrify me… Continue reading Ask Me Anything

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On Writing by Stephen King

The king of horror’s famous memoir on the craft. Split into four sections, the first part of the book details King’s life from early childhood until his sale of the paperback rights for his first book, Carrie. The second section explains what a toolbox is and what a writer should keep in theirs (spoilers -… Continue reading On Writing by Stephen King

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Being Indie by Eeva Lancaster

This week of Nonfiction November is about being the expert or becoming the expert. As it’s also National Novel Writing Month, and I’m a writer, I thought I’d focus on writing books this week. Being Indie outlines what an indie author is, how to get a book ready for publication, sourcing a cover, formatting an… Continue reading Being Indie by Eeva Lancaster

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Writers on Writing Volume 1

From Crystal Lake publishing, edited by Joe Mynhardt, nine great genre writers share their insights into the craft. Each writer tackles a different topic such as perseverance, finding time to write, imposter syndrome and discovering your story’s emotional centre. With Brian Hodge, Monique Shyman, Kevin Luca, Mercedes M Yardley, Jasper Bark, Jack Ketchum, Dave-Brendon de… Continue reading Writers on Writing Volume 1

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Available for pre-order: 7 Weeks in Hell, 7th Hell #2

Are you ready to return to Ireland, where the dead walk the streets and your soul is at risk? It's time to go to Hell, or to Galway. Whichever one is nearer. Still traumatised by the events of Halloween in the tiny village of Basard, Vicky Murtagh has moved to the Irish city of Galway… Continue reading Available for pre-order: 7 Weeks in Hell, 7th Hell #2