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A Lion in Colossus

Lenster never thought he would go home again, but when he finally does, he finds something has been waiting for him in the dark and deep, and the years have not been kind.

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Heart of Gold (1)

Heart of Gold

Not only has a leprechaun used Ciara’s heart to hide his pot of gold, but he’s lost it to a hobgoblin at poker. Now the Underfolk’s most terrifying enforcer is coming to collect the debt. Can Ciara get rid of her heart of gold before she ends up heartless?

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A Tracker_Lion Fantasy Short Story


A Tracker Becoming

A female Tracker and a man with no Song – can they work together to find a group of missing children before it is too late?

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The Rains Would Not Come

Neha won’t sit back and watch her people die from thirst, but will the Great Wyrm listen to her when it has left the Elder’s prayers unanswered?

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Dead Jimmy AND THE SELKIE (1)


Dead Jimmy and the Selkie

The zombie private detective has another case to solve.

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