Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Author

Arriving 16th August 2018

Copy of Copy of zoo of the dead

Hungry for some horror? ‘Zoo of the Dead and other horrific tales’, a new anthology of horror, is just what you need to satisfy your cravings. Combined for the first time, six of Iseult Murphy’s horror shorts, together with three brand new stories. It has zombies, Death, dismemberment and cats!

‘This collection of short stories is both quirky and weird… You have been warned…’
David Rae, horror author

‘An anthology of macabre tales fuelled by the dark side of the supernatural’
Kim Williams PharmD


Copy of eBook – Untitled Design

Heart of Gold (1)             A Tracker_Lion Fantasy Short Story

Dead Jimmy AND THE SELKIE             Dead Jimmy AND THE SELKIE (1)

Dead Jimmy and the Selkie is one of the best stories I have heard here in a while. Where do you find these authors!? Kudos to the slush team. What more do you want? A private eye story with a comedic zombie and a straight man partner, a selkie married to a short bald man in a seaside house, and a zombie who can’t, and doesn’t need to, swim?


Praise for ‘Dead Jimmy and the Selkie’