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Dylan’s nightmares are about to become reality.

When he returns home after decades away for the funeral of his mother, the fears that drove him to flee seem like childish fantasy.

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Thrilling Horror Fiction

7th Hell

Irish Zombie Horror Comedy Series

In 7 Days in Hell, Vicky wants to enjoy her free Halloween vacation in rural Ireland, but the local zombies are hungry for her flesh.

In 7 Weeks in Hell, Vicky tries to put the Halloween from Hell behind her. New city, new career, but same old zombies. When her friends turn, should she fight them or join them?

All of Me

A body horror fairy tale.

All Margaret wanted was to lose weight, but her get thin quick scheme resulted in her splitting into three, and if she thought living with herself was difficult before the split she has a rude awakening to just how hard it is to be around her.

A novella about murder, moving out, and insatiable hunger.

Exciting Fantasy Adventures

Elemental Dragon Fantasy Adventures

The Mountains of Sorrow.

Rowan thinks the only way to save the kingdom is to kill the ruthless Queen Zelda, but when former palace guard Argento tells her she’s been set up, she realizes it will take more than her anger and her magic to stop the poison that’s destroying her country.

Entertaining Short Story Collections

Zoo of the Dead & Other Horrific Tales contains 9 horror short and flash stories. Perfect for a quick horror bite when time is short.

Return to Hades and Other Adventures contains 12 fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories. Travel through time with a space mutant, or help a zombie private detective solve the mystery of the dripping ghost.

Your Free Book Awaits

Isador dreads another year of Tracker School, living in fear that his bullies will discover he has no magic, but Isador isn’t the only student with secrets.

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An anthology of macabre tales fuelled by the dark-side of supernatural.  Reminiscent of the gruesome and ghoulish classics of horror, sure to offer a lip-smacking good time.

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Praise for ‘Zoo of the Dead and other horrific tales’

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