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November 2019


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Do you love fantasy, science fiction and horror? Looking for new worlds to explore and fall in love with?

Then look no further.

RETURN TO HADES AND OTHER ADVENTURES contains 12 short stories: encounter a time travelling space dog, a lion man who shouldn’t exist, sentient blood, a gazebo with a slimy secret, a leprechaun with an unusual pot of gold, and many more.

AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon and Other Stores for only $4 ebook and $10 paperback.

Liquid Imagination

Read my fantasy short story, ‘My Little Monster‘, in the November issue of Liquid Imagination.

FrostFire Worlds

Buy a copy of the November issue for the youngster in your life, or feed your inner child, and read my science fiction story, ‘Edward’.

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Dead Jimmy and the Selkie is one of the best stories I have heard here in a while. Where do you find these authors!? Kudos to the slush team. What more do you want? A private eye story with a comedic zombie and a straight man partner, a selkie married to a short bald man in a seaside house, and a zombie who can’t, and doesn’t need to, swim?


Praise for ‘Dead Jimmy and the Selkie’

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