It has arrived!

The second edition of Zoo of the Dead & Other Horrific Tales is now live on Amazon!*

New cover art, now fully illustrated and with notes after each story explaining their origin, this collection never looked so good.

Click here to pick up a new and improved copy today for the same great price as before.

* Second edition paperback not yet available for purchase.

It has begun!

What is May Madness, I hear you ask?

May is the anniversary of this website, and I like to take time during the month to celebrate, look back at the year that’s over and make plans for the year ahead.

Most importantly, it’s a time when I want to thank YOU: everyone who has bought, read, liked, commented on or supported my writing in one way or another over the past twelve months.


I wouldn’t be here without you. I hope you enjoy the next three weeks of stories, updates and giveaways and take them in the spirit they are intended, as my gift to you.

Let the Bloggening commence!

New Fiction

Mister Thread

You’re Invited

Not So New Fiction

The Screaming Stones

For Whom the Bell Tolls


7th Hell series

Click on the names at the bottom of the book covers to find out more about the Irish zombie horror series.

Short Story Collections

Click on the names at the bottom of the book covers to find out more about these collections of speculative short stories.

Dead Jimmy and the Selkie is one of the best stories I have heard here in a while. Where do you find these authors!? Kudos to the slush team. What more do you want? A private eye story with a comedic zombie and a straight man partner, a selkie married to a short bald man in a seaside house, and a zombie who can’t, and doesn’t need to, swim?


Praise for ‘Dead Jimmy and the Selkie’

Really enjoyed this brilliant story with quirky characters, a great twist and clever play of mythical creatures and lots of humour. I wouldn’t have thought it possible but I enjoyed it even more than Dead Jimmy and the Selkie. Hope there are lots more adventures from this original detective team!

Valinora Troy

Praise for ‘Dead Jimmy and the Ghost’

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