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All she wanted was to shed her excess weight quickly, but the weight loss remedy she purchased on the internet worked a little too well, and now she has to deal with the side effects and an unwanted new appetite.

A dark horror short story to celebrate Women in Horror Month.

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Other stories

The Hungry Wolf – honourable mention in the 2018 summer writing contest.

Topper’s Shop – guest post on David Rae Stories

Drabble Harvest #11 – Unnatural Wildlife Handbook – two of my science fiction drabbles, including an honourable mention.

The rains would not come – fantasy story on Newmyths.com

Dead Jimmy and the Selkie – audio weird fiction on the Drabblecast

Dead Jimmy and the Selkie is one of the best stories I have heard here in a while. Where do you find these authors!? Kudos to the slush team. What more do you want? A private eye story with a comedic zombie and a straight man partner, a selkie married to a short bald man in a seaside house, and a zombie who can’t, and doesn’t need to, swim?


Praise for ‘Dead Jimmy and the Selkie’

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