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New Fantasy Short Story For April

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The Dreamwalker travels through dreams, feeding on sleepers with the most vivid imaginations. When Pia’s brother, Pand, falls victim, she defies her parents and journeys into the forest to seek help from Mother Arachne. Can Pia avoid both the Dreamwalker and Mother Arachne’s clutches to save herself and her brother? A fantasy adventure for all ages.

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Dead Jimmy and the Selkie is one of the best stories I have heard here in a while. Where do you find these authors!? Kudos to the slush team. What more do you want? A private eye story with a comedic zombie and a straight man partner, a selkie married to a short bald man in a seaside house, and a zombie who can’t, and doesn’t need to, swim?


Praise for ‘Dead Jimmy and the Selkie’

ZOO OF THE DEAD is a totally convincing world where Zombies and Werewolves are captured and used for entertainment. The central idea is very clever. And the twist at the end is both surprising and logical. This story challenges the common tropes of zombies, family, love and of death, and makes you re-evaluate our societies values and norms. Very thought provoking, but most of all entertaining.  

David Rae

Praise for ‘Zoo of the Dead’

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