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What if the past didn’t stay in the past? Ebony, space mutant and escaped slave, wants to travel back in time even though she knows she can’t change it. Will she find what she seeks, or will she regret her return to Hades?

A science fiction story concerning mutants bred for the rigors of long haul space travel, and the norm masters they are forced to serve.

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This collection of short stories is both quirky and weird. Filled with shops that sell all sorts of bizarre things, murderous clothing, memory stealing dolls, Death on a date night and of course werewolves and zombies. Each of the stories challenges our perception of everyday things and reminds us that things are not always what they seem.  You have been warned, you will never look at a three piece suit the same way ever again

David Rae, author

Praise for ‘Zoo of the Dead and other horrific tales’

ZOO OF THE DEAD is a totally convincing world where Zombies and Werewolves are captured and used for entertainment. The central idea is very clever. And the twist at the end is both surprising and logical. This story challenges the common tropes of zombies, family, love and of death, and makes you re-evaluate our societies values and norms. Very thought provoking, but most of all entertaining.  

David Rae

Praise for ‘Zoo of the Dead’

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