Sangre: The Wrong Side of Tomorrow by Carlos Colón

Thirty years ago he was Nicky Negrón, husband and father, but after an encounter with a dangerous woman, he became one of the undead, and now lives as Jorge Sangria, vampire. The book starts after the events of the first book, Sangre: The Color of Dying, where Jorge and his vampire acquaintance, Travis, have just… Continue reading Sangre: The Wrong Side of Tomorrow by Carlos Colón

Heartstone by Elle Katherine White

You’ve heard of Pride and Prejudice with zombies, prepare to meet Pride and Prejudice with dragons! Aliza Bentaine is still reeling from the loss of her sister, who was killed by a gryphon, and is relieved that the elite riders are coming to Merybourne Manor to eradicate the murderous monsters from the vicinity. However, her… Continue reading Heartstone by Elle Katherine White

The Search by Nora Roberts

Who knew being a dog trainer could be so useful for finding love AND understanding the mind of a serial killer? Fiona Bristow has made a new life on Orcas island; living in a beautiful cottage near the woods with her three dogs, socializing with her best friend, Mai, and stepmother Sylvia, running her successful… Continue reading The Search by Nora Roberts

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

In the future, a dead millionaire promises his fortune to the first gamer to solve three puzzles. Who could resist such a treasure hunt? Wade Watts lives in a dystopian future where lack of food and electricity has forced people into cities (makes sense, right?). The only good thing in life is the OASIS, an… Continue reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Dead Meat: Day 2 by Nick Clausen

Were the zombies contained after the excitement of Dead Meat: Day 1? Of course not! Denmark is never going to be the same. Selina joins Dan, from the first book, in this installment. The two teenagers are desperate to stop the zombies from spreading, but the undead are pesky creatures, and difficult to control. Told… Continue reading Dead Meat: Day 2 by Nick Clausen