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The Beforetimes by Boots

The Harrower The Mother has deposed the King, who is now in exile. Raising armies against him, the vengeful queen has an ace up her sleeve - the bovine Harrower with the power of fire. However, what does the Harrower feel about being used as a weapon of mass destruction? I love the world of… Continue reading The Beforetimes by Boots

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The Reformation of Linnea Hail by Kaitlin Corvus

Linnea Hail is the youngest of three magically inclined siblings. She is a gifted shape shifter, and when she is tasked with a secret mission to a mythical city to retrieve a magical object, she jumps at the chance to prove herself. She takes with her Leigh, a half sprite, and they sneak away at… Continue reading The Reformation of Linnea Hail by Kaitlin Corvus

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Launch Day: The Lucky Diamond by Valinora Troy

It’s a blog takeover! To celebrate the launch of her debut novel, I’m handing the reins of the blog over to children’s fantasy author, Valinora Troy. Today is all about the book - The Lucky Diamond. Enjoy my review below, and be sure to check back tomorrow to read my interview with the author. About… Continue reading Launch Day: The Lucky Diamond by Valinora Troy

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Galvanism and Ghouls by Tilly Wallace

Carrying on almost immediately after the end of the first book, Galvanism and Ghouls introduces a group of scientists running experiments to cure the ‘Afflicted’ (rich zombie women who control their hunger for human flesh by daily consuming a small amount of human brains, or pickled cauliflower). When ambulatory limbs start terrorizing Chelsea, Hannah’s father… Continue reading Galvanism and Ghouls by Tilly Wallace

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Interview with Lindsay J Sedgwick

Iseult: Hi Lindsay, welcome to my blog. I’m so excited about the release of your new book, Wulfie Saves the Planet. I’ve been jumping into old trunks, looking for a way to Lupuslandia so I can get my own wulfen best friend, ever since I read your first Wulfie book. I know you are really… Continue reading Interview with Lindsay J Sedgwick