book review, fantasy, Middle Grade

Raggedy Chan by Camille Picott

Aunt Gracie teaches Emma about her Chinese heritage while telling her the story of her new doll - Raggedy Chan - who is really a Chinese princess on an adventure. This is a beautiful story that made me feel as if Aunt Gracie was taking care of me! I love the idea of a Chinese… Continue reading Raggedy Chan by Camille Picott

book review, fantasy

Banished by Lou Yardley

Set in the fantasy world of Venari, the town of Elkbury knows no hardship as long as the old and the sick undergo the banishment ceremony. However, when you have a creepy priest running the show, and you banish people to the scary woods that surround your town, you know that it is only a… Continue reading Banished by Lou Yardley

book review, fantasy, horror, science fiction, short story

Free Fiction: 4 Reviews

This short collection contains ten flash fiction tales centered around a creepy pasta like website called Aurora Wasteland. Ashby has a fun, conversational writing style that lends the authenticity these stories need to keep them interesting. There are good ideas behind these tales, some very creepy ones, but they are curtailed by the format. I… Continue reading Free Fiction: 4 Reviews

book review, fantasy

A Tale of Two by Ash Leigh

Sixteen year old Elaine loves life in her sleepy village, helping her father make bread for his customers, tormenting her little brother, and dreams of marrying her best friend. When strange things start happening to her, and the king’s knights decide she is no longer a friend of the crown, Elaine runs into the woods… Continue reading A Tale of Two by Ash Leigh

book review, fantasy

One in the Hand by Rhonda Parrish

Autumn lives an ordinary life working two jobs, looking after her two fabulous wolfhounds, and chilling with her policeman boyfriend. After her grandmother is attacked in her retirement home, Autumn discovers that her life isn’t so ordinary after all. With magic swords, wings, giants and gods all set to complicate her life, will Autumn ever… Continue reading One in the Hand by Rhonda Parrish