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Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom by Sangu Mandanna

Twelve year old Kiki Kallira has anxiety, and the only things that helps silence the voice of doom inside her is to draw. Kiki’s drawings are extensive and delightful, inspired by the stories from her family’s Indian heritage. There’s a group of orphans called The Crows, one of her ancestors that broke the mold, and… Continue reading Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom by Sangu Mandanna

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Preorder – New Fantasy Anthology

I am thrilled to announce that I have a novelette in the new fantasy anthology from Skullgate Media. Set in the eighteenth century, The Toymaker is the story of Sally O’Dea, a former changeling. Her pet pigeon is cruelly killed when Sally refuses a suitor’s proposal, but as she lives in New Albion, death is… Continue reading Preorder – New Fantasy Anthology

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Book tour: The Water Witch by Jessica Thorne

About the book: Sitting side by side on the clifftop, he turns to her solemnly and says, ‘The water witch is real.’ She rolls her eyes and grins, teasing him. ‘Sure. A psycho mermaid. Got it.’ But now he’s gone forever… will she find the truth beneath the waves?Brittany, France. Ariadne Walker’s fiancé Simon drowned… Continue reading Book tour: The Water Witch by Jessica Thorne

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Where fantasy and horror meet

I love reading fantasy books, and I love reading horror books. I especially love when these two genres collide. However, I know not everyone enjoys both genres. I published my first fantasy book last November (The Mountains of Sorrow) and I plan to publish my next one in September. My monthly fantasy newsletter is full… Continue reading Where fantasy and horror meet

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Labyrinth by A.C.H Smith

You’ve seen the movie. You know the story… 15 year old Sarah resents her stepmother and new baby brother, Toby. When left at home to babysit, she asks the Goblin King to take Toby away to his castle next to the goblin city on the other side of the labyrinth. Of course, Sarah immediately regrets… Continue reading Labyrinth by A.C.H Smith