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Dominion Edited by Zelda Knight

Twelve speculative fiction short stories and one poem from Africa and the African diaspora. As with all anthologies, there were some stories that appealed to me more than others, but over all there were more hits than misses. I loved the mix of horror, fantasy and science fiction stories in the anthology. I particularly enjoyed… Continue reading Dominion Edited by Zelda Knight

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12 Days of Christmas: Snowbound & Snowed by Maria Alexander

Two books! The second and third books in the Bloodline of Yule trilogy brings a close to the 12 days of Christmas for another year. Happy feast of the Epiphany! A very different book to its predecessor, Snowbound ramps the magic and the action all the way up to eleven. Set several months after the… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas: Snowbound & Snowed by Maria Alexander

book review, fantasy, young adult

Hecctrossipy by Bia Bella Baker

A Cinderella story with a difference. Prepare for heroines in the half shell and living liquid swimming pools. On a distant planet/fantasy world live two sisters, Artheena and Mell May. At fifteen, they’ve just become adults, but neither humanoid, shell backed young woman can decide what she wants to do with her life. Artheena is… Continue reading Hecctrossipy by Bia Bella Baker

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Short Fiction by Joel Spriggs

I love Joel Spriggs’s blend of humor and horror, and these three short stories were winners with me. A young man contemplates suicide after being stood up for a date, but can a mischievous spirit change his mind? Despite its dark theme, I found this short story uplifting. Spriggs handles the subject matter well, making… Continue reading Short Fiction by Joel Spriggs

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ARC review: Dark Hilarity by Joseph Sale

Wolfkin, lizardmen and gorilli- oh my! Sale’s latest novel is a feast for fantasy lovers. Bonded by their love of the music of Valentine Killshot, preteens Tara and Erica’s friendship is stretched to breaking point by a horrific shared event. Seven years later, the women confront their past, and each other, in the dreaming world… Continue reading ARC review: Dark Hilarity by Joseph Sale