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New Release: Mermaid in Troubled Water by Nikki Haverstock

After her engagement ends, mermaid Brooke drives away from her life and finds the reclusive town of Purgatory Falls, a sanctuary for paranormals like her to live freely. Unfortunately for Brooke, during her first moments in town she witnesses a murder, even though she doesn’t actually see very much because in her mermaid state her… Continue reading New Release: Mermaid in Troubled Water by Nikki Haverstock

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Mollusk Madness by Priscilla Bettis

This short story appeared in the spring edition of 34 Orchard magazine. Click here to download a free copy of the issue. Katrina is having a hard time watching her teenage daughter grow up. Luckily she has her garden and her beloved slugs to help her pull through. The thorny blossom of my womb. Katrina,… Continue reading Mollusk Madness by Priscilla Bettis

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Do You Get What You Pray For by O R Lea

For 24 years Alma has been haunted by scapegoat, a terrifying goat headed man, but no one believes that he exists outside of her imagination. After moving to a new town to start a new life and a new job, Alma’s new friends start dying. Can she finally persuade others that scapegoat is real and,… Continue reading Do You Get What You Pray For by O R Lea

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Felgrim by E M Duffield-Fuller

Wow. This book is amazing. It has everything I love about fantasy and is so good! Davon, youngest son of the king, was the last person anyone expected to take the throne after the disappearance of his father, but now he is the new king and is responsible for quelling the thimmaru rebels who continue… Continue reading Felgrim by E M Duffield-Fuller

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The Tower Outside of Time by Joseph Sale

In his latest book, Joseph Sale brings together the worlds of Dark Hilarity and The Tunnel with the four main characters meeting up and taking on the world of Dae’eshta. Since escaping The Cretin, Tara and Nicola have moved to London and become successful fantasy novelists. I loved that they got a happy ending, and… Continue reading The Tower Outside of Time by Joseph Sale