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Mermaid to the Rescue by Nikki Haverstock

Could there be a serial killer loose in Purgatory Falls? Paranormals are losing their heads, and Brooke has been enlisted with Twyla and Esmeralda to discover who and what is killing them. With Twyla on the mend after her accident, will Brooke be in town long enough to help catch the killer? It seems unlikely… Continue reading Mermaid to the Rescue by Nikki Haverstock

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Book Tour Dead Winner by Kevin G Chapman

About the book Dead Winner is a treasure-hunt mystery/thriller with a love story. Or is it? It’s the story of a lonely, cautious lawyer, Rory, who has the chance to step out of his riskless life, become the hero he pretends to be in video adventure games, and win the heart of Monica, the only… Continue reading Book Tour Dead Winner by Kevin G Chapman

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Stolen Tongues by Felix Blackwell

To celebrate their daughter’s engagement, Faye’s parents fly her and her fiancé out to Colorado from California, and promptly send them up the mountains to the family cabin for some alone time. Despite the cabin belonging to the family for decades, Faye has only been to it once before and doesn’t remember it. After finding… Continue reading Stolen Tongues by Felix Blackwell

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New Release: Gateway to Mars by H.E Wilburson

In 1945, a lone astronaut survives a devastating calamity while journeying to the moon. 184 years later, in an alternate dimension that never suffered the Martian invasion of 1906, Martian colonists discover bizarre human remains, and remnants of a book with a dire warning: the Martians are coming. I’m a huge fan of the first… Continue reading New Release: Gateway to Mars by H.E Wilburson

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Popsicle by Christa Wojciechowski

This is the story of Andre, a forty something New Yorker who has used drugs since childhood, who wakes up in a bad situation and tries to remember how he got there. This fast paced dark character study starts with a killer hook and an enticing promise of transhumanism themes. The story is well written… Continue reading Popsicle by Christa Wojciechowski