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Interview with Daniel Soule

To celebrate the release of Dan Soule’s new book tomorrow, I summoned him to the blog to ask him some questions about The Jam. Iseult: Traffic jams are pretty hellish, so they are fertile ground for a horror writer. Did any real life traffic incident inspire this novella? Dan: We've all been stuck there with… Continue reading Interview with Daniel Soule

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The Pure World Comes by Rami Ungar

The Pure World Comes is the story of a young woman, Shirley Dobbins, who works as a maid in London during the late nineteenth century. After the unfortunate sudden demise of her employers, she is taken on by the new guardian to the master and the mistress of the house. Sir Joseph is an eccentric… Continue reading The Pure World Comes by Rami Ungar

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The Graveyard Speaks by Hunter Shea

When teenage ghost hunter, Jessica Backman, hears about a screaming grave in a cemetery in the Bronx, she doesn’t hesitate to investigate. I loved this fun story. Nothing is as it seems. Jessica is a likable character and I appreciated how she investigated the potential ghost. Her friend, Angela, was a worthy foil. With great… Continue reading The Graveyard Speaks by Hunter Shea

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Galvanism and Ghouls by Tilly Wallace

Carrying on almost immediately after the end of the first book, Galvanism and Ghouls introduces a group of scientists running experiments to cure the ‘Afflicted’ (rich zombie women who control their hunger for human flesh by daily consuming a small amount of human brains, or pickled cauliflower). When ambulatory limbs start terrorizing Chelsea, Hannah’s father… Continue reading Galvanism and Ghouls by Tilly Wallace

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Halloween Reads – short reviews

The Last Night of October by Greg Chapman When Lisa Morton, the expert on all things Halloween, gives her seal of approval in the foreword to this novella, you know you’re in for a treat. Gerald hates Halloween, but when his nurse comes to his house to administer her evening check up, she realizes there… Continue reading Halloween Reads – short reviews