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Devolution by Max Brooks

Man and nature collide in this chilling book by the author of World War Z. Following in the tradition of adventure novellists such as H Rider Haggard, and horror authors such as H P Lovecraft, Max Brooks crafts his new epistolary novel around the framework of the diary of Kate Holland, supplemented by various interviews,… Continue reading Devolution by Max Brooks

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Available for pre-order: 7 Weeks in Hell, 7th Hell #2

Are you ready to return to Ireland, where the dead walk the streets and your soul is at risk? It's time to go to Hell, or to Galway. Whichever one is nearer. Still traumatised by the events of Halloween in the tiny village of Basard, Vicky Murtagh has moved to the Irish city of Galway… Continue reading Available for pre-order: 7 Weeks in Hell, 7th Hell #2

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A Good Provider by William F Aicher

If you are looking for something short and chilling, you can’t go wrong with this bite sized horror from a master storyteller. Frank enjoys a night to himself watching a horror movie, while his wife looks after the sick children. Little does he know that more scares await him than in the film. William F… Continue reading A Good Provider by William F Aicher

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Mischief by E Reyes

Be careful courting Death, you just might find him. It’s the night before Halloween, and the teenage boys calling themselves The South Side Devilz have murder on their mind. Halloween, horror, an evil gang terrorizing the neighborhood- you know how this story is going to end, but it’s oh so fun getting there. I enjoy… Continue reading Mischief by E Reyes

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Buddy Read & Rant: Camp Carnage

Hello Blogging World! Iseult: Hello campers, it is I, Iseult, mistress of dark fiction and things that go bump in the night. Jonny : And this is your camp-hating nerd friend Jonny! I have a healthy dislike of camping, well that and creepy basements, which you can find in my Reaper novel here. Let the campy slashy… Continue reading Buddy Read & Rant: Camp Carnage