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The House on Moon Creek Avenue by E. Reyes

When Cindy Flores moves into her grandmother’s house in Devil’s Hill, it seems she and her daughter aren’t the only inhabitants. Things have begun to look up for Cindy. At 21, she’s a single mother with an abusive ex, has a job in the local food market (familiar to those who have read the author’s… Continue reading The House on Moon Creek Avenue by E. Reyes

book review, horror

Beyond the Black Gate by Joseph Sale

An engrossing dark fantasy with epic world building and lyrical prose, Beyond the Black Gate is a completely different kettle of fish to its predecessor. Craig Smiley has made it beyond the Black Gate, but it’s not the paradise he was promised. Angry at his betrayal, Smiley decides to do what any self respecting serial… Continue reading Beyond the Black Gate by Joseph Sale

book review, horror

Gods of the Black Gate by Joseph Sale

Caleb Rogers, the detective who put serial killer, Craig Smiley, behind bars, can’t shake the idea that the gods the killer sacrificed to might actually exist. Policemen, Caleb Rogers and Tom Marvin, thought deranged ex infantry serial killer, Craig Smiley, was locked away for good in the inescapable and inhospitable maximum security prison on Mars.… Continue reading Gods of the Black Gate by Joseph Sale

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The Festering Ones by S.H. Cooper

After the disappearance of her father, Faith York’s life is changed forever. As a child, Faith watched some thing drag her father into the woods. Convinced that no one believed her, and even doubting herself at times, it takes Faith decades before a glimmer of hope sends her on the trail of her father, encountering… Continue reading The Festering Ones by S.H. Cooper

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Mythology & Me: Catherine McCarthy

Hi, I’m Cath. My head is almost permanently immersed in the world of books, whether it’s reading or writing. My favourite reading genres are magical realism, gothic fiction and supernatural horror. I have a collection of my own stories on Amazon entitled Door and Other Twisted Tales. My choice of viewing material is similar to… Continue reading Mythology & Me: Catherine McCarthy