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Jurassic Florida by Hunter Shea

Polo Springs in Florida is hot, has frequent hurricanes, and elected an 18 year old as mayor. When a swarm of iguanas of unusual size descend upon the town, the tough need to get going, or get eaten. There is a lot I liked about this novella. I liked the set up of the town… Continue reading Jurassic Florida by Hunter Shea

book review, horror

Money Back Guarantee by Hunter Shea

In the third book of the series, AdventureCo is still up to its old tricks. This time, Rosemary is looking for a refund on the cardboard submarine her son begged her to buy for him. However, it seems that the mysterious company will go to any lengths to keep from coughing up the dough. It… Continue reading Money Back Guarantee by Hunter Shea

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Book Launch: Immortelle by Catherine McCarthy

Set in 19th century Wales, Immortelle is the story of skilled potter, Elinor, and her daughter, Rowena. After Rowena’s sudden, tragic death, Elinor sculpts a beautiful graveside memorial - or immortelle - in the hope that her art can tell her about the darkness that has corrupted her quiet seaside home. McCarthy has a beautiful,… Continue reading Book Launch: Immortelle by Catherine McCarthy

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Book Launch: The Spooks by Dan Soule

Released today is horror author Dan Soule’s first foray into middle grade horror. This collection of 17 super short stories is sure to delight children with its mixture of fun, silly, gross and thoughtful horror. Aimed for the reluctant reader, each story is flash length and written simply, to encourage interest in the written word.… Continue reading Book Launch: The Spooks by Dan Soule