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Reaper by Jonathan Pongratz

When I found out that Jonny from Jaunts and Haunts had published a horror novella, I couldn’t wait to read it. You better beware, you’re in for a scare! On Halloween night, 13 year old Gregory is finally old enough to look after his baby sister, Immy, while their parents go out for the evening.… Continue reading Reaper by Jonathan Pongratz

book review, horror

Highway Twenty by Michael J Moore

My first book of 2020 is the fantastic horror novel, Highway Twenty, published by Hellbound Books. Conor Mitchell lives in the quiet town of Sedrow Woolley and works as a mechanic in the next town over. He has a girl who spends the night on the weekends, and even though he would like more of… Continue reading Highway Twenty by Michael J Moore

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Calling All Women in Horror

Calling all women horror writers, bloggers and book reviewers... February is Women in Horror Month I’m looking for... Horror books written by women to read and review on my blog in February. Women bloggers who would be interested in collaborating on horror related posts in February. Women horror writers willing to be interviewed for my… Continue reading Calling All Women in Horror