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Book Launch: Immortelle by Catherine McCarthy

Set in 19th century Wales, Immortelle is the story of skilled potter, Elinor, and her daughter, Rowena. After Rowena’s sudden, tragic death, Elinor sculpts a beautiful graveside memorial - or immortelle - in the hope that her art can tell her about the darkness that has corrupted her quiet seaside home. McCarthy has a beautiful,… Continue reading Book Launch: Immortelle by Catherine McCarthy

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Book Launch: The Spooks by Dan Soule

Released today is horror author Dan Soule’s first foray into middle grade horror. This collection of 17 super short stories is sure to delight children with its mixture of fun, silly, gross and thoughtful horror. Aimed for the reluctant reader, each story is flash length and written simply, to encourage interest in the written word.… Continue reading Book Launch: The Spooks by Dan Soule

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Scavengers by Duncan Ralston

A man tells the story of how his neighbors became murderers. This is a very skillfully written novella. It starts with hints at something awful having happened, and at first you read on to find out about the event. However, as you pick up every perfectly placed crumb of information, a world emerges that sucks… Continue reading Scavengers by Duncan Ralston

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Autotomy Cocktail by Zachary Ashford

Serge Couture turns to genetic engineering in his efforts to escape a degenerative disease. The problem is, his experiments prove too successful. CRISPR has a lot to answer for, in fiction at least, and I loved this tale of a young man learning how to mess with his DNA by watching YouTube videos. I found… Continue reading Autotomy Cocktail by Zachary Ashford

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Edit by Rick Chesler

After a renowned geneticist is found dead in his home, a strange dinosaur claw near his body, a series of animal attacks in the Everglades draw newly minted ranger, Sara, and zoologist, Rebecca, together. Could the dead scientist be linked to the seemingly prehistoric creatures roaming wild in Florida, and will Sara and Rebecca live… Continue reading Edit by Rick Chesler