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New Release: Alien Ambush by Nikki Haverstock

Captain Liz and her crew are back. In the second book in the series, Liz is in charge of ferrying a troupe of performers from planet to planet so they can entertain the inhabitants. However, when visiting a research planet known for its giant snails, the show results in murder. Trapped on the planet while… Continue reading New Release: Alien Ambush by Nikki Haverstock

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Planet Scumm Issue #11: Snake Eyes

I love when I get a review request. I’ve discovered some amazing books and authors this way, and it’s always a thrill to see a request arrive in my inbox. Life has some amazing coincidences. I recently heard about Planet Scumm, and was considering submitting to them, when I got a request to review their… Continue reading Planet Scumm Issue #11: Snake Eyes

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Free Fiction: 4 Reviews

This short collection contains ten flash fiction tales centered around a creepy pasta like website called Aurora Wasteland. Ashby has a fun, conversational writing style that lends the authenticity these stories need to keep them interesting. There are good ideas behind these tales, some very creepy ones, but they are curtailed by the format. I… Continue reading Free Fiction: 4 Reviews

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Dinosaur Dystopia by James Poslusny

After a devastating Third World War, John Ledge’s last army assignment is to take a small group of soldiers to a strategically placed Pacific island and eradicate the dinosaurs that live there. However, once on the island, Corporal Ledge discovers that his superior has been far from honest. There’s a lot in this novel. World… Continue reading Dinosaur Dystopia by James Poslusny

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Dust & Lightning by Rebecca Crunden

After his brother, Callum, is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and imprisoned on a distant mining planet, Ames leaves earth in search of him, despite official reports that Callum is now dead. On his journey he befriends Violet, a lawyer who has grown tired of her abusive husband and the abuse of people… Continue reading Dust & Lightning by Rebecca Crunden