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Spirit of Sasquatch by Ernest Solar

Spirit of Sasquatch is a must read for fans of cryptids, especially followers of the big man. Brock Blackwell’s mother disappeared when he was a baby, spirited away by a bigfoot, or so his father says. Brock tries to please his angry, abusive dad but never seems to succeed. Things change when, during a routine… Continue reading Spirit of Sasquatch by Ernest Solar

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Animorphs #1: Invasion by K A Applegate

Jonny at Haunts and Jaunts introduced me to the Animorphs series. Aliens and animals - what’s not to like? The first book in a series of 54 - yes, folks, there are 54 Animorphs books, with about 10 more books connected to the series - introduces the five main characters. There’s Jake, the natural leader… Continue reading Animorphs #1: Invasion by K A Applegate

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December Book Reviews

For the month of December I took part in Megan Tennant’s Indiecember Reading Challenge. It was great fun reading so many self published books, and finding new authors. I didn't get to read as many books this month as I wanted to, but it means I have more to look forward to in January. Click… Continue reading December Book Reviews

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My Top Ten Books of 2019

I've read some amazing books this year, and found some new favourite authors. It has been very hard to narrow down my list to only ten books, but with a lot of effort, I have succeeded. Number 10: Dead Meat Day 1 by Nick Clausen What should have been an ordinary newspaper round for a… Continue reading My Top Ten Books of 2019

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The Final Wars Rage by S A Asthana

In the second book of the trilogy, the action is centered on the moon city state of Nippon One, the emperor who rules it, and his three sons. Set two weeks after the end of The Final Wars Begin, the ruling family of Nippon One are at odds in what action to take against Port… Continue reading The Final Wars Rage by S A Asthana