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Waste Not by Rhonda Parrish

Zombie stories don’t get much better than this, with Rhonda Parrish’s three funny takes on the genre. Waste Not is the most familiar zombie story of the book, with a family trying to survive on their homestead. I loved the characters, and the ending was good, creepy fun. Feeders is a view of the zombie… Continue reading Waste Not by Rhonda Parrish

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Over a God’s Dead Body by Joel Spriggs

Joel Spriggs’ debut novel contains a detailed magic system to rival his Hemlock & Burns books, as well as a mixed pantheon of gods and an obsession with genitalia. Starting as it means to go on, Over a God’s Dead Body opens with an intimate moment between a professor and a Sasquatch, before introducing us… Continue reading Over a God’s Dead Body by Joel Spriggs