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Cressida by Rami Ungar

Into The Deep is a horror anthology filled with 11 stories that explore the terrors that lurk beyond the watery horizon. Included in the anthology is Cressida, by Rami Ungar. Mark Honig is worried about his only living relative, Uncle Jacob, when he casually mentions talking to his daughter Cressida during a telephone conversation with… Continue reading Cressida by Rami Ungar

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Mermaid to the Rescue by Nikki Haverstock

Could there be a serial killer loose in Purgatory Falls? Paranormals are losing their heads, and Brooke has been enlisted with Twyla and Esmeralda to discover who and what is killing them. With Twyla on the mend after her accident, will Brooke be in town long enough to help catch the killer? It seems unlikely… Continue reading Mermaid to the Rescue by Nikki Haverstock

book review, fantasy, Mermaid

Mermaids and Mayhem by Erin Hayes

18 year old Tara recently joined Neptune’s aquarium as a mermaid performer, and is now touring the aquariums of the United States. While performing in Houston, she is surprised to discover she can communicate with a newly captured dolphin calf. Returning to his enclosure one evening, she encounters a very merman-like figure trying to rescue… Continue reading Mermaids and Mayhem by Erin Hayes

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Book tour: The Water Witch by Jessica Thorne

About the book: Sitting side by side on the clifftop, he turns to her solemnly and says, ‘The water witch is real.’ She rolls her eyes and grins, teasing him. ‘Sure. A psycho mermaid. Got it.’ But now he’s gone forever… will she find the truth beneath the waves?Brittany, France. Ariadne Walker’s fiancé Simon drowned… Continue reading Book tour: The Water Witch by Jessica Thorne