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Storm Shadows by Kenneth W. Cain

15 year old Nita has moved to a new town, new home, and new school after her father gets a promotion to the Chicago police force. Cut off from her old friends due to accidentally breaking her phone, Nita soon falls victim to a cuddly toy gorilla that lives in the attic and haunts her… Continue reading Storm Shadows by Kenneth W. Cain

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Snake by Rami Ungar

After his girlfriend is kidnapped, a disturbed teenager goes on a brutal killing spree in order to get her back. This is a monster of a book, which is perhaps appropriate given it’s subject matter. At 577 pages, it’s a considerable time commitment to read about unlikable characters doing despicable things. Thankfully, for most of… Continue reading Snake by Rami Ungar

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Planet Scumm Issue #13: Something Up Ahead

Planet Scumm is such a nicely produced magazine. The print issue comes in a lovely compact, pocket sized soft bound edition with a full colour cover, and both the print and ebook contain Maura Mcgonagle’s beautiful illustrations, which add a lot to the stories. This issue is packed full of delightfully dark speculative horror fiction.… Continue reading Planet Scumm Issue #13: Something Up Ahead

book review, horror, Hunter Shea

Sinister Entity by Hunter Shea

Jessica Backman is now nineteen, studying at college while continuing her father’s investigations into the paranormal. She’s surprised when psychic, Eddie Home, tracks her down and wants to work with her. Guarded, and suspicious, Jessica tests Eddie out on the investigation of a doppelgänger terrifying a young woman and her family. As Jessica realizes she’s… Continue reading Sinister Entity by Hunter Shea

book review, horror, thriller

Merfolk by Jeremy Bates

I enjoyed Jeremy Bates’s World’s Scariest Places series, which are exciting horror books set in real life scary places, such as Japan’s Suicide Forest, or the catacombs under Paris. Therefore I looked forward to reading his World’s Scariest Legends series, and horror merfolk seemed like a good place to start. Millionaire marine biologist, Marty Murdock,… Continue reading Merfolk by Jeremy Bates