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The Cassowary by James Sabata

A cassowary escapes from a wildlife park and goes on the rampage in Arizona. However, this is no ordinary large, flightless bird. It’s super aggressive and impossible to stop. Perhaps the key to ending its killing spree lies in the answer to why its eyes glow bright pink. Apparently last year on Twitter a group… Continue reading The Cassowary by James Sabata

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Short Story Review: 4 by Yardley

I love Lou Yardley’s short fiction. It’s so imaginative, exciting, and contains a wonderful blend of horror and humor. As each of these stories only takes about 30 minutes to read, I thought I’d put my reviews together into one post. 12 year old Georgia thinks she’s too old to play make believe with her… Continue reading Short Story Review: 4 by Yardley

book review, horror

Optical Delusion by Hunter Shea

Martin Blackstone is surprised when he tries on his son’s cheap X-Ray glasses and discovers they work. He wastes no time using them to perve on women, little realizing that everything comes with a price. Hunter Shea is a master of writing morally bankrupt characters that are still recognizably human. Martin Blackstone is thoroughly odious… Continue reading Optical Delusion by Hunter Shea

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Book of the Half Year 2021

Today is the exact midpoint of the year, so I thought I’d round up all the books I’ve rated 5 stars so far on the blog and choose my favorite of the half year. Children’s Fiction I loved this story of a size changing purple wulfen, who befriends a modern Cinderella in this book by… Continue reading Book of the Half Year 2021

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Launch Day: The Tunnel by Joseph Sale

When she is 11, Georgina Jones discovers something about her cold, calculating father that not only destroys her relationship with him, but results in her keeping men at a distance when she grows up, unable to form a meaningful connection. In 2019, a huge crocodile stalks the sewers of London. Some say it is Jack… Continue reading Launch Day: The Tunnel by Joseph Sale