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Hag by John Shupeck

17 year old Ray is still grieving the loss of his mother three years previously, drowning his emotions in beer, and plagued by sleep paralysis and nightmares. When the woman of his dreams offers him release, will Ray follow the Hag into darkness or fight to retain his sanity? This novella gives a great psychological… Continue reading Hag by John Shupeck

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ARC review: Motherthing by Ainslie Hogarth

Abby spirals after her ‘normal’, reliable husband becomes depressed following his mother’s suicide. First of all I want to mention how much I love the book cover. It’s so retro and delicious, and I love how it references key aspects of the book. I wouldn’t call this a horror book, in the traditional sense, even… Continue reading ARC review: Motherthing by Ainslie Hogarth

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Brady by D.W Hitz

After his dog dies, Karl’s life takes a dark turn as a tentacled horror hunts him from another dimension. This is an exciting cosmic horror novella, which came as a total surprise to me as I expected the titular Brady to transform into a tentacled hell beast, judging by the cover and description. However, I… Continue reading Brady by D.W Hitz

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New Release: Wounds to Wishes by Chad Lutzke, Robert Ford, and John Boden

The first in Crystal Lake’s new Dark Tide series, Wounds to Wishes is strong out of the gate with three connected novellas about grief, loss, and family. The Strangest Twist Upon Her Lips by Chad Lutzke was my favorite of the three tales. A man is overcome with grief after he finds his fiancée dead.… Continue reading New Release: Wounds to Wishes by Chad Lutzke, Robert Ford, and John Boden

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We Haunt These Woods by Holley Cornetto

13 year old Nate enjoys spending his summers at Lake Swart with his friends, until the other children start disappearing. Twenty years later, Nate is determined to return to Lake Swart with the other survivors to prove there was nothing preternatural about that summer, but what if Nate’s wrong? This is an unputdownable creepy, atmospheric… Continue reading We Haunt These Woods by Holley Cornetto