book review, horror

Sole Survivor by Zachary Ashford

You better watch the trees, because drop bears are real, and they’re coming to get you. After their plane crashes, a group of reality show contestants are stranded on a beautiful uninhabited island. However, they happen to have stumbled upon the home of a species of large, carnivorous, koala like marsupials, and these drop bears… Continue reading Sole Survivor by Zachary Ashford

book review, horror, short story

Chills and Creeps Volume 2 by Nick Clausen

Clausen surpasses his first collection of short stories with 8 even creepier, more chilling tales in this second volume. The collection starts with Babysitter, a tense story about Julie, and her first time minding the children of a new client. It’s stories like this one that make me think reading horror in the dark at… Continue reading Chills and Creeps Volume 2 by Nick Clausen

book review, horror

Poisonous by Tommy B Smith

Body horror, a new take on vampirism and a circus are some of the delights in this fast paced novella. Set over several decades in the city of St. Charles, the setting for Smith’s prequel of sorts, The Mourner’s Cradle, Poisonous reintroduces the painted face man and reveals his nefarious plot. A strange child is… Continue reading Poisonous by Tommy B Smith

book review, horror, science fiction

Leech by Ellie Douglas

1000 years in the future and humanity has solved faster than light travel, instantaneous interstellar communication, and are looking to colonize a distant planet. Haven’t cured stupidity though. John is leader of a team exploring the earth like planet, Sol. After a meteor shower, he picks up one of the rocks to take back to… Continue reading Leech by Ellie Douglas

book review, horror, science fiction, thriller

Earthcore by Scott Sigler

Miners find more than they bargained for when they go deeper under the earth than man has ever ventured before, in this science fiction action thriller by Scott Sigler. Modern day prospector, Sonny McGuinness, thinks his ship has come in when he makes a major find in the Wah Wah mountains of Utah. When Connell… Continue reading Earthcore by Scott Sigler