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Story Prompt Sunday #5: E is for Echidna

Echidna means ‘viper’ in Greek and is the name of the half woman, half serpent mother of all monsters from Greek mythology. It’s hard to know when people first started talking about Echidna, I’d say she has been around a long time, but the first written records date from Hesiod’s Theogony, around 7th or 8th… Continue reading Story Prompt Sunday #5: E is for Echidna

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Review: Planet Scumm Issue #14

I love Planet Scumm. Each issue is better than the last. Issue #14 is titled Extinction Events, and contains 8 exceptional stories about life, death, and what comes after.  First up is Maxine Sophia Wolff’s dark fantasy tale, Come the Banshee. There’s transformation, body horror, and sea shanty’s in this powerful tale of omens and… Continue reading Review: Planet Scumm Issue #14

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Cressida by Rami Ungar

Into The Deep is a horror anthology filled with 11 stories that explore the terrors that lurk beyond the watery horizon. Included in the anthology is Cressida, by Rami Ungar. Mark Honig is worried about his only living relative, Uncle Jacob, when he casually mentions talking to his daughter Cressida during a telephone conversation with… Continue reading Cressida by Rami Ungar


AI is the way of the future

Thank you to IssaBabyCreates for introducing me to Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS). The deal is you get a prompt and then write a stream of consciousness inspired by the prompt. It can be fiction or non fiction, but you can’t plan it out and you can’t edit the finished piece apart from fixing typos.… Continue reading AI is the way of the future

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Book Review: Girl That You Fear by Azzurra Nox

17 year old Spencer Torres is excited to start her senior year at Sacred Heart High School. She’s the school’s best student, captain of the Cheer Squad, dating the star quarterback, and has a BFF in fellow cheerleader, Fallon. The world is Spencer’s oyster. When Spencer starts hearing strange knocks and seeing horrifying visions, her… Continue reading Book Review: Girl That You Fear by Azzurra Nox