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ARC review: Stargazers by L.P Hernandez

The first of a series of horror novellas published by Cemetery Gates Media and curated by Mother Horror (Sadie Hartmann), Stargazers starts the series with a bang. When people start acting strangely, military veteran Henry, his health care worker wife Judith, and their four year old daughter Penny, fight to survive in a frightening new… Continue reading ARC review: Stargazers by L.P Hernandez

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The Thing in the Woods by Gary Frank

Sometimes I wish books came with RiffTrax (or the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 treatment). This book would sure be a lot of fun to riff. Rich and his wife Kara are heading out to a cabin in the woods for a long weekend. 30 years ago, 8 year old Rich spent his last happy time… Continue reading The Thing in the Woods by Gary Frank

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Parachute by Holly Rae Garcia

17 year old Angela has just graduated high school and has snuck out for one last party with her friends before they all go their separate ways. While hanging out at the abandoned elementary school, the six friends decide to break in and play one last game of parachute. What better way to celebrate the… Continue reading Parachute by Holly Rae Garcia

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Buddy Read & Rant #12: Parachute by Holly Rae Garcia

Hello Blogging World! Iseult Hi, I’m Iseult and I come from the dimension of transparent spiders and unfettered plant growth. Jonny And I'm Jonny, lover of colorful things and parachutes as long as I'm on the ground and not jumping out of a plane! (Buy Jonny’s amazing books here – Iseult) This buddy read and… Continue reading Buddy Read & Rant #12: Parachute by Holly Rae Garcia

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Hell Town by S. K Gregory

19 year old Lani Scott longs to get out of boring, predictable Hill Town and retrace the route she travelled with her father and his band before his death. There’s not much to keep her in Hill Town; a mother who abandoned her as a child, a dead end job at a tiny diner, and… Continue reading Hell Town by S. K Gregory